How Electric Vehicles Can Improve The Customer Experience

We’ve seen how fantastic electric vehicles are when it comes to the environment, and why Absolutely would want to include them in our fleet. However, what about you, the customer? How can electric vehicles improve your customer experience, and ensure you are happy every time you use us and our new fleet? We’ve put together some reasons why choosing a courier company that uses electric vehicles will benefit the customer and the environment around us.

More Routes

customer experience

One of the biggest reasons that electric vehicles can enhance the customer experience is that these vehicles can travel in parts of London that petrol and diesel vehicles cannot. They can enter the Ultra Low Emission Zone, for example, and they are eligible to travel in those parts of east London that are out of bounds for ‘normal’ vehicles. This means that we can offer different routes and a wider delivery network, making our customer experience greater than those of many other courier companies.

Less Time

One of the problems that customers can sometimes experience with courier companies is missed deliveries; deliveries that either don’t make it where they are meant to get to on time, or that are skipped altogether because the driver has to finish work. If a client has paid for a specific day (or even same day) delivery, that courier has disappointed their client, and could lose the business. Sometimes it’s not even the courier’s fault – traffic and restricted routes mean that deliveries can sometimes take much longer than they should do.

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Since our fleet of electric vehicles can take shorter and less busy routes because there is no need to bypass any areas that restrict emissions, journey times are reduced, and as a consequence delivery times can be quicker. When it comes to same day delivery options, we know that your package will arrive on time – we can cut past the traffic, take the less travelled routes, and deliver safely and securely wherever that package needs to go.

Get In Touch With Absolutely To Discover Just How We Can Help

With our new fleet of electric vehicles, we know that our customer experience is as positive as it can be. For more information about how we can help you, why not get in touch today on 020 76851114. Or, if you prefer, visit us at to find out more.

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