The Future Of Temperature Controlled Logistics

The future of temperature controlled logistics is an exciting one, no matter which side of the courier industry – courier or customer – you might be sitting on. As technology changes, evolves, and innovates, so too must all the industries affected by it, and that is something Absolutely does very well indeed; our chilled service, for example, is exceptional, utilising all of the most up to date tech to get your temperature controlled items where they need to be, when they need to be.

In the past five years, there has been a massive rise – as much as 40 percent in some areas – in temperature controlled logistics shipments. Those London courier companies (and those further afield) who do not keep up with trends and regulations won’t be able to keep up with demand either.

So what are the main trends to look out for the future?


Routing and Scheduling Software

It’s clear that anything requiring a temperature controlled delivery in one of our specially designed chilled vehicles must be delivered quickly. Time is most definitely of the essence, and even the smallest of delays can cause problems in the chilled sector.

This is where our innovative routing and scheduling software assists. By planning each delivery meticulously, knowing exactly how to get there, how long each journey will take, and ensuring we don’t overload the chilled vans so nothing stays on board for longer than it needs to, we can guarantee your temperature controlled deliveries are safe and secure, delivered as they are intended to be.

New Packing Technologies

Damaged items being delivered is just not good enough, and it’s not something that Absolutely would ever consciously do. However, accidents do sometimes happen, and how we pack and stack our temperature controlled vans is a precise and important process.

New technology can help us go even further. Not only will we be able to use our extensive knowledge when it comes to the courier industry and pack goods in a safe and sensible way, but we can monitor them remotely too. Fleet management systems will enable our excellent couriers to be much more aware of the packages they are carrying; they will immediately be alerted to any changes in temperature and if any parcels that might have fallen off.

In fact, although it’s not something that Absolutely are trialling at the moment, there are plans within the courier industry to introduce ‘packing robots’ who’ll be able to stack packages in chilled vans in exactly the right way, allowing for quicker drop offs and safer storage.


Automated Vehicles

Self-driving, or automated, vehicles are a definite trend for the future. Times are changing and it seems as though these vehicles are not far away from becoming mainstream choices for drivers. When they are opened up to everyone, it is likely most courier companies will want to use them. With couriers onboard to load and unload packages and to ensure the temperature and other important aspects are kept as they should be, they can concentrate on that aspect of the job and let the chilled vehicle do the driving. Far from reducing the amount of work asked of the couriers, it will help them to look after the packages in their care.

After-Effects of Brexit

The B word that is constantly in the news… we can’t get away from the fact that Brexit will have an impact on the courier industry. There are likely to be issues with supply and demand due to a potential shortage of storage facilities.

Fewer storage facilities means that same day chilled courier services will be more important than ever, and Absolutely is ready to take on the challenge. Our new fleet combined with the most up to date routing and scheduling software, as well as our unrivalled logistics knowledge means that those important deliveries can happen when they need to.

How Can We Help?

If you have temperature controlled logistics needs which require a courier company that can handle deliveries quickly and efficiently, contact Absolutely today. Simply call us on 020 7685 1114 or click on to find out more.

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