New Decade, New London Courier

How is your 2020 going so far? Have you kept to your New Year’s resolutions…or broken them? Whether it is eating cleaner, striving for that fitness goal or pursuing a lifelong dream we welcome all New Year’s resolutions that nurture improvement. Although to make this new decade the best, Absolutely have a resolution suggestion that will not only save you time, money and your sanity….but the planet also. New decade, new London Courier!

Absolutely are sticking to three main resolutions this year:

– Continue to provide a great courier service throughout London, UK and internationally

– Increase our eco-friendly fleet of electric cargo bikes. We currently have one of the largest sameday cargo bike fleet in London, but why stop there? We aim for bigger and better in the new decade

– Constantly improve all areas of our business, from investing in sustainable technology to the welfare of our team

We invite you to make a difference this decade and use a same day London courier that will help you, your business and the planet. The previous decade saw a massive spike in environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility with the likes of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg leading the way. Therefore the new decade is the perfect reason to try something new, like a new London courier, and continue the push for sustainable practices. It’s time for change and efficiency. When you look back in 2030, wouldn’t it feel great knowing you did your bit to be more eco-friendly?

Supporting an eco-friendly courier such as Absolutely keeps the momentum going, and pushes the industry to recognise that companies want sustainable operation solutions. Absolutely are an extension of our clients’ business so when you care, we do too! Our incredible electric cargo bikes are leading the way in 2020 with same day deliveries. With their large capacity and the ability to weave through London traffic the possibilities are endless! Carbon neutral, GPS tracking and an average collection time of 20 minutes…what more could you want?

Sameday, overnight, international and temperature controlled deliveries; we have way more range than your New Years diet! We service you all year round, 365 days a year, 24/7 to be exact. Our incredible customer support team is there to advise, problem solve and help in any way possible. This is the kind of support you should be striving for in 2020, don’t expect anything less!

This decade is what we make of it, so put down the kale juice and pick up the phone to open an account with us, and improve your future! Call 020 7685 114, or email

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