Why Routing Is Vital for A Chilled Delivery

All deliveries are important, and all need to get to their intended destination as quickly and easily as possible. However, when it comes to chilled deliveries there is an even more pressing element at play – any delays in the delivery of these items could mean that they are ruined, costing the sender, recipient, and anyone waiting for the goods a lot of money and inconvenience at the very least.

This is why the routing needs to be done extremely carefully and with precise knowledge of the roads that need to be travelled. It’s why the correct vehicles should be used and why there should always be a contingency plan in place.


Start With The Route

The very first thing that will need to be done when determining the best route for your chilled goods is to look at where they are going. It sounds simple, and in reality, of course, it is, but it is also something that can easily be overlooked by those couriers that don’t specialise in chilled deliveries.

Knowing where everything is going and then looking at the most important deliveries is crucial – we work backwards from there to ensure the deliveries that are most perishable and most urgent are delivered first. Without having the right routing in place, we would waste a lot of time driving past other drops offs and back again, and that could make the difference between a successful delivery and a failed one.

How Many Couriers?

At Absolutely we have a number of specially designed chilled delivery vehicles in our fleet. That means if we can’t plan a route that will allow for all of our deliveries to make it where they need to be when they need to be there, we can use additional vehicles and ensure all deliveries are made on time.

Having just one chilled vehicle would mean having to make much longer journeys, potentially causing issues with the end result. Or we would need to turn down certain deliveries as we wouldn’t have the infrastructure to carry them out. By implementing a sensible way of determining who is going to deliver what and when, we can work for everyone, helping you achieve your goals.

The Right Software

Just as important as having couriers who intimately know the area in which they are working and thus are better able to determine the best route (one that might, for example, technically be more miles than the standard one, but will mean there is less chance of getting caught in traffic) is the software we use to ensure that everything stays exactly on track.

If anything urgent comes in, we may even be able to add it to a route that is already planned; knowing these routes and seeing them programmed into our fantastic software makes this a real possibility, giving us even more scope to be more flexible and invaluable to our clients.


Chilled Routing With Absolutely

Understanding why getting the routing right is so important for a courier company is why Absolutely’s chilled service is second to none. We understand what it takes to get the job done right, ensuring your sensitive delivery gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Why not chat to us today about how we can assist you? Simply call 020 7685 1114 or click chilled courier services to get started.

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