The PA Show: Why It’s Where You Need To Be

As a PA or VA, you’re going to be rushed off your feet – that’s just the nature of your job. So why would you want to spend some of your precious time at the PA Show in London? What could the reasons be? What are the benefits to you?

Interestingly, and positively, there are a number of different reasons and plenty of benefits why you should take some time to visit the PA Show. It could be the most important convention you attend this year, and if you only have the time to pick one trade show to attend, the PA Show is the one to choose.

But why?

pa show

Personal Development

No matter how long you have been a PA or a VA, and the kind of experience you have, there are always new things to learn. It’s one aspect of what makes the job so interesting and even exciting; you know you’re not going to be doing the same thing, day in, day out.

Learning something new could be a benefit not just to you, but to your employer, manager, and clients too. New techniques, new technology, and new ways of working will keep you fresh and up to date, ensuring that you can be as diligent and efficient as possible no matter what is asked of you.

Plus, the joy of learning is something we should all indulge in from time to time – it’s good for our brains and our mental health; remembering that there will always be new things to learn is something that will keep us all sharp and at the forefront of changes within our industries.


At the PA Show, you can discover more details about many different forms of training, to take your learning to the next level. Courses, diplomas, and a variety of workshops will all be available at the event.

You may even discover the training offered at the PA Show is something you hadn’t considered before – perhaps you didn’t think it would be a part of your role, or hadn’t linked whatever the training is to being a PA or VA before. Seeing it through the eyes of a professional trainer in a professional space could help you to determine whether or not it will be of use to you now, or in the future.

Seminars & Classes

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Seminars and classes can be booked and attended at the PA Show. You can get great training from industry professionals, and as a bonus you will be with other people who work in the same industry – and same niche – as you. This kind of networking isn’t something you often get the chance to do, but at the PA Show it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know others, exchange ideas, and talk about the challenges and the positives of working as a PA and VA. Meeting like-minded individuals in a learning environment can be priceless.

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