Are you Brexit Ready? We’re here to help!

As you are busy preparing for Christmas, please don’t forget to prepare for Brexit too! We are here to help you throughout the entire process. Any queries regarding Brexit please contact us via phone: 01753 764060 or email: Absolutely will keep you updated as the process unfolds, but here is some important information to […]

Impact of COVID-19 on International Air Deliveries

Agility Global Shipping Updates COVID-19|Air freight

International air deliveries are being constrained as international airfreight capacity has been severely impacted by the wholesale grounding of many passenger airline fleets (IATA estimates that around 8,500 passenger aircraft have been grounded which is equivalent to 33% of the global passenger fleet). These flights have traditionally carried a huge proportion of air freight in […]

Absolutely COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for your safety

Safe Delivery

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown we, at Absolutely, continue to operate all of our courier services, under the current Government guidelines, providing we can satisfactorily minimise the potential risk to our colleagues and clients. Many of us are now working from home while most businesses continue to function at one level or another. This displacement […]

Which Vehicle Is Right For Your Parcel? Absolutely’s Courier Guide

Whether you want to send a one off package or you’re looking for a long term partnership with a courier company, our courier guide has all the information you need. We’re here every step of the way, and we can guarantee your parcel or documents are going to be safe with us. In fact, we […]

How Absolutely can make PAs and VAs life easier

PAs and VAs – however you do the job, it’s a tough one. It’s a job that means you’re going to be busy – you’re going to have a lot to do all day every day. So the idea of attending a PA show (The PA Show at London’s Excel which runs from 25-26 February) […]

12 Deliveries of Christmas – Part 1


Absolutely have been Santa’s 10th reindeer for many years now. We can handle those all important Christmas deliveries throughout London. Our cargo bikes may not have a red shiny nose or luscious fur but they do the same job! Zooming through the busy London streets our carbon neutral cargo bikes can hold up to 8 […]

What Are The Regulations Affecting Chilled Food Delivery?


Absolutely has a vast range of experience and knowledge when it comes to the delivery of chilled items, and that includes food. You can trust that we understand the rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to get the food items you send to their intended destination safely chilled – for […]

On Board Courier Service: A More Personal and Specialist Experience

When you have items that need to be delivered, you need to have a trusted courier service on hand to get those goods where they need to be. No matter what they are or where they are going, your courier has to be reliable, professional, great value for money, and they need to have up […]

Absolutely’s Cargo Bikes – A Bigger, Better Fleet

Standard Overnight service

What a difference a year makes. In that space of time, we’ve managed to build a fully-fledged fleet of cargo bikes. And we’re not stopping there – our cargo bike courier service is still expanding. Our bikes look incredible, but more than looking smart they are perfect for getting the job done, and done well. […]

Why Electric Couriers Are The Future

As a courier company, we know the importance of doing our bit to reduce emissions and improve air quality across London. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with the Ultra Low Emission Zone or improving our green credentials, we have a large and expanding electric courier fleet that offers an eco-friendly way of delivering your packages on […]