Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Courier For Your Medical Deliveries

medical deliveries|Absolutely - Medical Courier Service

There aren’t many areas of life (and business) that are literally life and death, but when it comes to medicine, that’s exactly what it is. Seconds really do count, and being able to rely on a professional courier for your medical deliveries is crucial. Delays are costly in business, but in medicine they are life-threatening. […]

How to Send Important Documents Abroad


Need to send important documents abroad? Despite emails and electronic signatures, we still regularly deliver urgent documents wherever they are required. Many people still need to send important documents abroad – hardcopy documents such as commercial contracts, deeds of sale, and legalised or notarised forms of identification are still required for many transactions. We can […]

An Insight Into The History of Courier Services


When you think of courier services, you may consider them to be a new phenomenon, something that has come into being with the advent of new technology and new ways of doing business. However, courier services and companies have been around for decades – over a century in some cases. One of those long standing […]

How Absolutely Will Beat The Heat This Summer


The weather has certainly taken a turn for the hotter recently, and for some couriers that – and summertime in general – is a problem. Not for Absolutely, however; our chilled courier service means that we can deliver your temperature controlled goods no matter how hot it gets. Deliveries In Summer If you have deliveries […]

What is the best way to package an international parcel?


When you have an international delivery to be made, Absolutely can be with you every step of the way. From beginning to end, our experienced couriers, fantastic fleet, and exceptional office staff can ensure that your parcel arrives at the right place at the right time – we’ll go above and beyond. As well as […]

Time Sensitive Deliveries? Absolutely No Problem

time sensitive same day deliveries|time sensitive same day deliveries

At Absolutely we are aware that some deliveries are more time sensitive than others, and that failing to deliver these important packages could make a negative impact on our customers’ businesses. We don’t want that, which is why we are excellent at handling these crucial, time sensitive deliveries from beginning to end. We also know […]

Top Reasons To Use A Courier Service


When you have a package that needs to be delivered the same day, there is no better way to do it than to engage a professional courier service to help you. Using the experts means that your goods will arrive on time and all you need to do is book the collection – after that, […]

The Beginners Guide To Shipping Abroad


Owning a business can mean many things, and each business in each sector is going to be different from the next. But if you ship anything abroad, there are going to be some very distinct similarities, and this guide to shipping abroad put together by London courier Absolutely should help you work through what you […]

Do you put these foods in the fridge?


We’re all stuck in our ways, and when it comes to storing particular items in the fridge, this becomes very apparent. The debates which arise from which items should be stored in the fridge are both amusing and eye-opening, and it’s near impossible to not get involved. Where do bananas belong? How about mayonnaise? Here […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Delivered Same Day

For some businesses, sending and receiving same day delivered goods is vital; without this important service they simply wouldn’t be able to function. And it’s not just businesses either; urgent deliveries are made to households up and down the country. Almost anything can be same day delivered, but when you stop to think about it, […]