Valentine’s Day – love a London courier

We can deliver it all this Valentine’s Day

It’s nearing that time of year again…the bouquets of flowers, big bears and boxes of chocolate. You either loathe it or love it. Valentine’s Day! Are you the last minute gift giver, the super keen bean whose gift is already wrapped with a ribbon on top, or the one organising time with friends? No matter what your needs, we are here to ensure all your Valentine’s Day essentials are delivered same day in London.

Spread the love this year by using Absolutely as your preferred London courier. As an eco-friendly courier company, you won’t only be treating your loved ones with love but the planet too! And doesn’t Mother Nature deserve a little more love this year? All our vehicles are ULEZ compliant, and our fleet is comprised of hybrid and electric vehicles. And because we love you and the planet so much we don’t charge extra to utilise our ULEZ vehicles for those all important deliveries.

Our electric cargo bikes, which are one of our most popular London courier vehicles, spread the love far and wide across Central London. Fully electric, zero emissions and can hold up to 8 archive boxes, yes that’s 8 large gorgeous gifts for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day! Millions of rose petals, boxes of chocolates, the best perfume or the most beautiful piece of jewellery, they can deliver it all. And don’t worry for you last minute gift buyers; all London courier cargo bikes do same day deliveries.

Our eco-friendly cargo bikes are lockable and extremely durable so there will be no fly away petals or wet cards delivered to your loved ones door. We believe your special gift should have a special touch, which is why we hand deliver all items same day, except when specified to post, with a large smile and friendly manner. Won’t your loved ones appreciate the extra touch?

With our timed London courier same day deliveries you can orchestrate your perfect moment. Get your flowers delivered to your loved one just before work or that little box right before you get down on one knee…oh wait are we getting too far ahead of ourselves now? We operate 365 days a year, 24/7 so you’ll never miss an opportunity to share the love!

We also offer multi drop services for florists, chocolate houses or anyone that has more than one beau. These allow you to relax and let Absolutely, your eco-friendly London courier, deal with the stress of multiple same day deliveries. We are able to pick up all your deliveries from your location or bring it back to our depot to be sorted if it is a large amount. We then calculate the fastest and most cost-efficient route to deliver your items. This results in less carbon emissions, less stress but the same amount of love.

Don’t reject us on Valentine’s Day! Call THE London Courier Since 1865 on 020 7685 1114 or email to get a quote and spread the love with Absolutely.

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