The London Economic – London couriers get cycling airbags to improve safety.

London couriers are to get cycling airbags to improve safety.

‘Absolutely’, one of the oldest city courier companies in the UK, has announced a new safety initiative in collaboration with ‘Hövding’, the airbag for cyclists in a first-of-its-kind partnership to make the booming London industry safer.

With couriers spending up to ten hours a day cycling on the busy streets of London, safety is a clear priority.

However, many professional couriers shun helmets because they are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and are perceived to be “useless” in the event of an accident.


Recognising this, Absolutely has partnered with Hövding to provide a select number of its couriers with the world’s best head protection.

The roll-out of this innovative and proven safety product will enable Absolutely to further expand its safety measures for its push-bike city couriers and increase their protection when delivering within the capital.

Wearing distinctive “Absolutely x Hövding” cycling jerseys along with their Hövding airbags, the Absolutely couriers will cycle around London for an initial three month trial starting today. The two companies hope this initiative will raise awareness of urban cycling safety in London.


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