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Need to urgently send something a bit further afield? Our International Express Delivery Service can deliver shipments of all sizes across the world. Absolutely has over 30 years experience as a handling agent, working with all the major international carriers. Many of our clients have customers and suppliers all over the world, so we fully understand your delivery needs.

We’ve got it covered

Our UK-based delivery team can take care of everything for you, including all international shipping documentation, customs clearance, and even packaging and storage if you need it. We can deliver everything from an envelope to New York to a computer to Beijing and we’ll keep you informed throughout the journey.

Because of our central London location and huge courier fleet, our International Express Delivery Service can offer later collections than most, while still providing next day deliveries to most major European and USA cities. We also use our muscle to negotiate with our shipping partners to get the best rate for our customers.

 We offer a timed delivery service for when guaranteed, quick deliveries are required. This allows you the flexibility to arrange your consignment for the time you need. The options we offer are:

  • 9am express: next day delivery before 9am to major cities in over 40 countries
  • 10.30am express: next day delivery before 10.30am to major cities in over 60 countries
  • 12pm express: next day delivery before 12pm to major cities in over 60 countries

Knowing what shoes mean in Italy, and staples mean to the Swiss

International shipping can be a total minefield for a newcomer. In Switzerland, for example, your document becomes something different as soon as it’s been stapled. That’s when it pays to know someone who’s been there, delivered that.

You name it, our team has probably shipped it, and this wealth of experience really comes in handy. As well as providing our customers with personalised updates, we will happily give guidance on customs procedures and packaging suggestions to ensure parcels are delivered in prime condition and without delay.

Protection for when it really matters

Since your items will be handled by different people across thousands of miles, we understand you need to be reassured of the safety of your shipment. We provide premium insurance which covers your shipments in Europe and around the world.

We have restrictions regarding the items you want to send or destinations you want to go to. For further information, please call 01753 764 060 or email


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The common questions people ask us, plus answers to a few you hadn’t thought of yet.


We are a handling agent, working with all the major international carriers. As well as providing our customers with personalised updates and guidance on custom procedures, we also negotiate regularly with our partners to ensure we get value for money for our clients which could never be achieved if you go direct.


You can book using our online booking platform or by calling 020 7685 1400 and selecting the option to speak to our international team.


Absolutely, not a problem. All shipments are traceable via our online platform and you will automatically receive confirmation and proof of delivery emails to keep you in the loop.


Give us a call on 020 7685 1400 and we can discuss the options available for your particular delivery.


We have several options to assist with packing, from a laptop to a painting. Call us for a quote on expert packing for your fragile items.

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We’re open 24/7. We’ll have your shipment booked in just a few minutes using our online booking system. If you’re not sure what you need, or would just rather chat to a real person, use the LiveChat option or give us a ring for some advice.

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