Temperature-Controlled Courier Services

Our Temperature-Controlled Courier Services are operating as normal and our fleet of modern, refrigerated vans and trained drivers are ready and eager to carry your urgent temperature-controlled items - chilled, frozen food or medical products.

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For an update on our current operating procedures read the Absolutely COVID-19 Operating Guidelines for your safety

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The common questions people ask us, plus answers to a few you hadn’t thought of yet.


Each type of perishable will require its own particular packaging measures for transportation. Absolutely have a specialised team to help advise and guide should you not be sure on how to package your perishable items.


Absolutely have a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles with digitised thermostats to allow the driver to monitor and document the temperature of their cabin to ensure the integrity of the product/s being transported are maintained.


Our vehicles operate from 8 down to minus 31 degrees Celsius.


As long as the vehicle is running, items can be kept at the requisite temperature.

Read our post on International courier services for an update on international availability
– yes, we are still delivering across the globe
Our sameday courier and next day courier services are all also operating  as normal
Find out more about us and the Absolutely Team and how we are the sameday courier London of choice!

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