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1 July 2021 onward formal Customs Declaration required for all shipments within the EU

Customs Declaration Required

Will all our customers please take note that From 1 July 2021 onward a formal Customs Declaration is required for all shipments within the EU.

Previously, no formal ‘Customs Declarations’ were required for shipments with an intrinsic value of less than £15.00 or ‚Ǩ22.00. However, after the ‘De Minimis’ removal on 1st July 2021, all shipments below this amount will now require a Customs Declaration.

What do you need to do?

To ensure that your shipment is not delayed, you must provide an accurate ‘Goods Description’ at the time of booking, and a ‘Commercial Invoice’ which accurately includes all the information listed below and must also accompany the shipment:

  • Shipper (Exporter), Receiver (Importer) Full Address & Contact Details
  • Goods Value
  • Goods Description (by line)
  • HS codes* and Country of Origin
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Export Reason

*For help in completing the HS codes, as mentioned, please visit the government’s Trade-Tariff site

Customs Authorities are increasingly requesting complete, and accurate, Goods Descriptions prior to the shipment even leaving the country to perform security & safety screening. Without this information, goods will be delayed as we will not be able to move your shipment.

Other Changes: Duties & Taxes:

Due to BREXIT, ‘Duties & Taxes’ are now being applied for all exports into Europe which is increasing the liabilities for everyone concerned, therefore we have to change the way we bill you for this element.

Commencing from the 1st August 2021, the payment terms for the ‘Duties & Taxes’ will strictly be Net 7 Days.

All other charges will be invoiced as per your current agreed terms however, the Duties & Taxes element will be billed weekly for settlement within the 7 Days.

Unfortunately, the above changes are the direct impact of BREXIT to which we have no control. We thank you for your cooperation in adavance.

As always, if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager, email enquiries@absolutelycourier.com or call us at 020 7685 1400.