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Absolutely Courier partners with what3words

Working with what3words to ensure accurate, sameday delivery across London

Absolutely Courier partners with  what3words, the innovative location technology company, to improve location accuracy for final-mile and sameday courier delivery services.

Now, Absolutely’s courier drivers and customers are able to identify precise locations for deliveries and collections, with greater accuracy than ever before.

London is a vast and complex city, and deliveries within its limits can be frustrating. Postal addresses are seldom accurate, as post codes typically cover large areas- anything from 10 to 100 houses in a urban area, and access points to buildings are often unclear when trying to pinpoint a location on a map.

As much as 74% of the UK population say delivery or courier drivers struggle to find their homes on a daily basis, complicating the courier’s delivery experience, extending journey times and delaying deliveries.

What3words provides a unique solution, providing significantly increased location accuracy, helping our courier drivers complete deliveries quickly and accurately, every time.

Absolutely now accepting what3words

What is what3words?

What3words is an innovative location identification service, or a digital geocoding system. What3words has divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words. Traditional street addresses are often inaccurate, and can be unhelpful when trying to navigate to public squares, parks, rural areas, or large buildings with multiple entry points, while what3words addresses are as accurate as GPS coordinates but easier to say and share.

Using the what3words website or app anyone can identify the precise location they are looking for and either share the three word code or automatically transfer the code to Google or Apple Maps to navigate to the correct destination.

How does what3words work?

What3words have divided the world into a grid of 3 metre squares. Each square has then been given a unique combination of three random words, allowing for more precise locations and directions. With what3words, Absolutely’s couriers can identify, find and navigate to any front door, specific apartment complex entrance, or a tucked-away side passage using highly accurate, reliable location data.

Why use what3words?

Here at Absolutely Courier, we’re committed to sustainability, and to providing as green a courier service as possible. The majority of Absolutely Courier’s final mile deliveries are made with zero-emission vehicles, and
with the help of what3words, our courier drivers can find more delivery locations on the first attempt, meaning that routes can be better optimised, helping Absolutely cut out the inefficiencies that create
surplus emissions in the last mile.

How accurate is what3words?

When compared to current street addressing systems, what3words’ 3 word addresses are far more accurate, as they refer to a specific 3m x 3m area. As the entire what3words grid is fixed, the 3 word address for an individual location will never change, even if buildings or streets are redeveloped. In London alone, there are 34 ‘Victoria Roads’. The 3 word addresses created by what3words are totally unique, unlike street names which are often duplicated, and they are much easier to communicate over the telephone and share with others using social media or text services.


Does what3words work offline?

When using what3words without a data connection or a phone signal, you can still view the locations of
what3words addresses, and find the 3 word address of your current location. This proves particularly
helpful in remote areas with limited access to data, as you can communicate your precise 3 word location
to anyone you need to. You can also navigate to 3 word addresses using compass mode.

How to use the what3words app?

The what3words app is simple to use, and you can use it to find, save and share precise locations with

How to find a what3words address?

To find your current location’s what3words address, you simply need to open the app, and tap the arrow
icon above the satellite mode in order to find the 3 word address of your location. What3words addresses
of other locations can be found on the app, or online.

Who uses what3words?

What3words is used across a range of countries and industries around the world. It is used by friends,
families and communities to share locations and meet up, and it is also used by automotive, mobility and
courier companies, such as Absolutely Courier, to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Does what3words need internet?

Some functions of what3words will be limited if you don’t have access to the internet or to a data
connection, but you can still view the locations of what3words addresses, find the 3 word address of your
own location, and navigate to locations using compass mode.