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Food & Drink Courier Services in London

Temperature Controlled Food Courier Services in London

With our modern fleet of refrigerated vans, Absolutely Courier can provide a high-quality chilled Food Courier Service across London. From our specialist chilled distribution hub in NW10 and WC1, we handle a wide range of daily chilled and frozen food deliveries with our temperature controlled vehicles.

We understand that certain items of food and drink need to be maintained within a certain temperature range during transportation. Whether it’s one parcel or a large pallet, our food courier service ensures your item is always delivered in the expected condition.

Food & Drink Courier

Refrigerated courier transport done Absolutely right!

We understand the importance to all parties in the supply chain of getting chilled and frozen food transportation right. With this in mind we have built a modern fleet of refrigerated vans which can maintain temperatures between 10˚C to -30˚C

When your shipment is out on the road, we appreciate that it is your reputation that is on the line, and it is critically important that your consignment arrives at the customer in the same condition as when it was dispatched. That’s when our Sameday food courier service is second to none!

We can effectively handle food and drink courier services across London, both point-to-point and multi-drop and indeed nationwide if required.

In addition to transporting chilled and frozen food, we also offer a Medical and Pharmacy Courier Services for managing non-prescription drugs within a temperature controlled environment.

There when most needed – Sameday and multi-drop food courier services

Looking to send something different? We offer parcel and pallet distribution for consignments of all sizes; nothing is too small or big for us. Absolutely Courier also provides multi-drop  Sameday courier services as well as a range of  International and Overnight courier services.

If you are working to a tight deadline, our scheduled, timed collection and delivery options is ideal when delivery windows are tight. We guarantee an exact pickup and delivery time, so you won’t need to worry about missing important deadlines. Our London Sameday delivery courier service will ensure you get those all-important items delivered on time every time.

As the leading courier in London operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can rest assured our chilled food courier service will take care of any concerns.

More about Absolutely Food and Beverage courier services in London

If you need to distribute chilled food around London daily rest assured that we understand the rules and regulations. To find out more read our blog post: What Are The Regulations Affecting Chilled Food Delivery?

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Our online system allows you to track your order at every stage. All our sameday van couriers carry pocket GPS devices to provide real time tracking and show when parcels have been signed for. This gives you immediate proof of delivery and more importantly, peace of mind.


What temperatures are acceptable for chilled delivery?

Our vehicles operate from 8 down to minus 31 degrees Celsius.

How to send frozen food by courier?

Each type of perishable will require its own particular packaging measures for transportation. Absolutely have a specialised team to help advise and guide should you not be sure on how to package your perishable items.

How do you keep the temperature of chilled and frozen items?

Absolutely have a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles with digitised thermostats to allow the driver to monitor and document the temperature of their cabin to ensure the integrity of the product/s being transported are maintained.

For how long can a truck keep frozen and chilled items?

As long as the vehicle is running, items can be kept at the requisite temperature.