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What Are The Regulations Affecting Chilled Food Delivery?

Absolutely has a vast range of experience and knowledge when it comes to the delivery of chilled items, and that includes food. You can trust that we understand the rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to get the food items you send to their intended destination safely chilled – for everyone involved. Here are some of the regulations that you as a sender need to think about and that Absolutely as your courier will handle.

Packaging your Chilled Food Delivery

The packaging that you put chilled food items into for delivery is important – you can’t simply pick an old box up and use that. The packaging must be strong, and should remain intact during the normal delivery process. Anything that falls apart or could do so just isn’t suitable, and makes the job of delivering chilled food much more difficult.

You must also do what you can to keep the temperature of the package stable. Putting chilled products into a cardboard box, no matter how strong it might be, isn’t going to help keep things cool. Coolant gel or cool bags, for example, should be used.

Timing your Chilled Food Delivery

Food being delivered via a courier must be delivered as soon as possible; it cannot sit on a van or in a warehouse for long periods of time. Absolutely can help you here. Our courier services include overnight or even same day chilled delivery options, giving you the best way to get your chilled food delivery where it needs to be safely and securely.

Remember, as the sender you must, by law, tell the buyer when their delivery will be arriving. With some courier companies this can be a tricky thing to do; you won’t know yourself so how can you pass the information on to your customer? With Absolutely, you’ll be completely aware of everything that is happening, and you can even track the parcel so you will always know exactly where it is. You can do what you need to do to satisfy both the law and your customer, and let Absolutely do the rest.

Temperature for your Chilled Food Delivery

Of course, the right temperature must be adhered to at all times when food is being delivered. If it isn’t, there is a risk the food could become too warm and spoil, or too cold and freeze (making it unusable and potentially dangerous if it were to be defrosted and then refrozen).

Absolutely’s temperature controlled fleet and our experienced drivers mean that your chilled food delivery will stay at exactly the right temperature from start to finish.

Find Out How We Can Assist With Your Chilled Food Delivery

If you are sending food via a courier then you need to be able to trust that the courier you choose is an expert in chilled deliveries. Absolutely is that expert. We understand exactly what it takes to get your delivery where it is meant to be, delivered and transported in the safest way possible. Have a look at our temperature controlled services or call 020 7685 1114 to find out more.