Meet the team

Full of stories and character, at Absolutely we’re proud of our heritage and focus on the human side of our business.

Stuart Godman - Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Godman

Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted to say that I joined the business in October 2019 to lead the next stage of our strategic development plan. I have brought with me over 30 years’ experience gained within the logistics industry, working at Board level for both PLC’s and Private Equity backed businesses across the B2B, B2C and C2X sectors. My last role was Chief Commercial Officer for Connect Group PLC, a £1.6bn turnover group specialising in the distribution of newspapers and magazines, and prior to that I was Managing Director, for DX Group PLC.
I am ‘absolutely’ committed to ensuring our customers get the experience they deserve whilst embracing a safe and successful environment for all our colleagues to enjoy. We will continue to strive for service excellence, and a best in class operation, supported by this wonderful team.

Tarquin Tan

Operations Director

With over 30 years experience working in the courier business, I’ve seen our industry change massively. Gone are the days of just moving documents, we move Absolutely anything now! My day to day role is to make sure that our operations and call centre function cohesively so that our clients always receive the best service possible. I enjoy the day to day challenges of logistics and I’m always looking at new ways we can push ourselves operationally by introducing new software and technology to help the team meet our customers’ needs as proactively as possible.

Tarquin Tan - Operations Director
Chad Gomez - Sales & Marketing Director

Chad Gomez

Sales & Marketing Director

I am responsible for the direction of all Sales & Marketing activities. I have a strong background in the courier and passenger transport industry and my last role saw me manage the sales team at another large same day courier company which I was at for over eight years. Before that I spent ten years as a controller for one of London’s largest black taxi companies. I joined Absolutely in May 2016 and have enjoyed many moments so far such as managing our re-brand and driving new business. It’s a great place to work and we have some amazing people within our organisation who really care about what they do and the people we work with day to day.

Maria Guerin

Finance Director

I joined Absolutely in 2018 from one of the best known travel brands in Europe. I have the pleasure in working with a strong finance team who help manage the day to day financial activities of the business. I am responsible for all the financial strategies, procedures and activities within Absolutely and I provide ongoing support and guidance to the CEO and Board to help ensure the company’s plans are in line with its financial objectives.
Every day is different at Absolutely, however one thing that remains a constant is the financials and that’s all down to having a great team around me.

Maria Guerin - Finance Director
Jan Barker  - HR Director

Jan Barker

HR Director

In my role I am responsible for all aspects of the People strategy; ensuring our colleagues and managers have the support, training and guidance in place to enable them perform at their best. I truly believe that to maintain the excellent standards of service and delivery we offer our Absolutely customers, it is critical that we create a rewarding, motivational, safe environment where our colleagues are excited to work. I joined the Absolutely team in 2020 having worked in HR roles for over 20 years, bringing with me experience from across the property, facilities, hospitality and media industries.

John Maddox

Strategy & Transformation Director

I am proud to have been associated with Absolutely since 2018 when I joined the team at Four Seasons Ventures, a private equity adviser that represents one of Absolutely’s investors. Having worked closely with the business and its management team on exciting projects as an investor representative, an opportunity to join the team in a full-time management role became available in July 2020. I am delighted to have made the transition to my company side role as I work with the management team and our colleagues to drive our exciting growth transformation plan for the business with a well-thought strategic plan. I look forward to having a continued focus on further developing Absolutely as an adaptive firm that can change and respond to the new opportunities and requirements presented to us by our customers.

John Maddox - Strategy & Transformation Director
Doug Hutchinson - General Manager - Central

Doug Hutchinson

General Manager - Central

I began my career in Logistics nearly 30 years ago as a cycle courier whilst completing a degree in Psychology. After graduating I joined the office team to learn how the courier business worked. My experience as a courier has given me a great deal of perspective and respect for the hard work our riders and drivers undertake come rain or shine! My key role is to ensure that our operational & customer services teams perform beyond expectation, day in and day out. I am committed to delivering a best in class service from point of booking, through to delivery and ensure our customer's have a positive experience when booking with Absolutely. Our entire same day team focus their hard work to fulfill our duties to your satisfaction.

Paula West

General Manager - Heathrow

My role involves the smooth running of our international courier service, I oversee the management of all relationships we have with customers and suppliers. My team work really hard to give our customers a trouble-free experience, whether it’s delivering an envelope to France or a wedding dress to Israel. The strangest item we have ever delivered was probably Twiggy the elephant, a five foot statue (not a real elephant), which I’m happy to say behaved itself on its journey through our network. I’ve worked at Absolutely for about eight years and have about 17 years experience in the courier industry. I love the fact that each day brings a new challenge, and that you can resolve problems and see the solution through to the end. The staff are great here, we’re like one big family.

Paula West - General Manager - Heathrow
Stuart Rees - General Manager - Park Royal

Stuart Rees

General Manager - Park Royal

I am responsible for the day to day running of our London North Overnights branch in Park Royal. Our Overnights depot handles over 2,300 parcel deliveries each day and I’ve been with Absolutely for two years. Before coming to Absolutely I had 25 years in the courier industry including Sameday, Overnight and International Services.

I manage a great team of capable and experienced individuals, committed to delivering the highest standards of Customer Service. That’s something I enjoy the most about Absolutely - the passion and commitment from all our people, from Directors through to Drivers. Everyone continuously strives to deliver the best possible service for our customers.

Shelly Pickford

Customer Services Manager

As Customer Services Manager I manage a team of six, together we are responsible for managing customer accounts. Daily tasks can range from compiling expenditure and carbon emission reports for customers to problem solving and arranging specialised bookings. For example, a recent job for a well known fashion designer meant organising to ship a number of sewing machines over to Paris for a fashion show on a sameday basis. Trust is very important with our long term clients. They need to know we can handle their precious items safely. Can you imagine what would happen if those sewing machines didn’t turn up? I’ve worked at Absolutely for 13 years, so I know some of our customers pretty well now. I love the variety of my work, and that I’ve managed to build up such great relationships with my clients and colleagues, it makes it a really enjoyable place to work.

Shelly Pickford - Customer Services Manager
Diane McGuire - Call Centre Manager

Diane McGuire

Call Centre Manager

I’m responsible for the daily running of our call centre, making sure the team and customers are happy and monitoring calls to improve quality, minimise errors and track our performance. I’ve worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, with the past eight years spent here at Absolutely. I love my job and the fact that each day is different with new challenges to solve for our customers. My favourite project was a few years ago when I was asked to personally deliver a really important parcel to Edinburgh on a Friday afternoon. It was so urgent there was no time to take a change of clothes with me, I just jumped on the first train available. It was nice and sunny when I left London but I wasn’t really dressed for Scottish weather with no coat. Also just as I arrived into Edinburgh the customer had a change of plan, and I was told the parcel wasn’t needed anymore. None of that mattered as Absolutely told me to spend the weekend in Dundee (my home town) while I was there, all expenses paid.

Graham Cross

Fleet Manager

I manage our fleet of couriers and drivers, ensuring we recruit people who fit with our values and ethos. Our drivers have to be ready to deal with anything with good humour and a can do attitude, so we only recruit the best, and once we’ve got them we make sure we look after them really well. I’ve been with Absolutely since 2015, before that I worked in similar operational and recruitment roles in the courier industry. I really enjoy working for such a well run business and the friendly atmosphere makes it a happy place to work.

Graham Cross - Fleet Manager