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Absolutely are teaming-up with Sheltersuit UK to help those experiencing homelessness

Absolutely are teaming-up with Sheltersuit UK

Absolutely are teaming up with Sheltersuit UK to help get Shelterbags to those living out on London and UK streets, or otherwise experiencing homelessness. During one of our coldest winters for a long time, demand has never been greater.

The Shelterbag is a warm and completely weatherproof sleeping compartment that the user can carry around like a backpack. It is lightweight, easy to handle and has an extra compartment for some personal items. It comes with an additional sleeping bag insert, a built-in pillow and also has a built-in mattress.

The exterior of the Shelterbag is made of lightweight, waterproof material and because the fabric breathes sufficiently, any condensation that may occur on the inside of the Shelterbag, will quickly evaporate.

It enables the user to sleep warm and dry in almost any conditions, and allows them to sleep away from busy shop doorways or other locations, where they might be vulnerable to verbal and physical abuse.

Absolutely are teaming-up with Sheltersuit

Sheltersuit UK’s ethos is all about people working together with thoughtfulness and dedication, creating products that help ease the symptoms of people experiencing homelessness.

People helping People – that’s why Absolutely is teaming-up with Sheltersuit UK.

The Sheltersuit UK Team

Architect Ian Sutherland McCook is the person running Sheltersuit UK, which is a UK non-profit organisation. He is ably assisted by machinists such as Mohammed Shtiwi. Mohammed, who had run a large tailoring business in Syria was compelled to escape from the predations of the Assad regime, 

Fortunately, he was granted asylum here in the UK and is now gainfully employed at Sheltersuit UK and, along with the other employees, is doing his bit to help others who are in need of support.

On cue, and after an introduction from Doug Hutchinson our Network Development Director, Absolutely has stepped in and agreed to be Sheltersuit UK’s distribution partner in the UK providing Absolutely’s Sameday Courier service at a heavily subsidised discount, as one of our employees’ initiatives to support local charities. Until the UK weather warms up, we fully expect to be kept busy shipping Shelterbags to near and far.

Doug was also so impressed with the product that he has not only personally handed out a few Shelterbags but is also doing his bit to spread the word to those involved with rough sleepers in his local community.

If you want to to get involved, please visit sheltersuit_uk@instagram or www.facebook.com/sheltersuituk/.  Or to find out more about the Sheltersuit organisation globally visit  www.sheltersuit.com

News just in...

Hearing about this initiative Sue Ryan, one of Absolutely’s Customer Service Agents, contacted Ian at Sheltersuit UK and arranged for 10 Shelterbags to be delivered to the Romford Branch of the Salvation Army. 

A very happy Major Mike Stannet  can be seen opposite taking delivery of the Shelterbags at the Romford depot.

The Salvation Army’s Nina Mortimer commented, “the shelterbags are  extremely useful and will make a difference to people rough sleeping.”


Romford Salvation Army