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Absolutely Is Your Innovative Courier

Absolutely is proud to say that we are an innovative and forward-thinking London courier company. We understand how important it is to be at the forefront of new ideas and technology that will help us to help you, and get your packages delivered as quickly as possible with excellent service.

There are many ways we can do this, but one of the most exciting, and the most recent, is our new fleet of electric vehicles. These vehicles will help us make deliveries during the busy periods and are zero carbon emissions; helping to reduce air pollution in the busy city of London.

The 2040 Ban

We are looking to the future – we know that Absolutely will continue to grow, and to expand, and that’s why we are looking as far ahead as possible. 2040 may sound like a long time away, but if we get ready now, we won’t be caught unawares, and your deliveries won’t be affected in any way.

So what is this 2040 ban and why are electric vehicles such an important part of it? What does Absolutely being an innovative London courier company have to do with any of the upcoming legislation?


2040 is a deadline. By that time, diesel and petrol cars won’t be able to go on sale in the UK anymore. All new cars will need to be either electric or hybrid. For some firms, this could cause a problem. If they continue to invest in petrol and diesel vehicles for their fleet, there will come a time when they have to make major, expensive changes. This means their costs will rise, and their customers will be inconvenienced.

How Are Absolutely Different?

Because we at Absolutely understand the impact that this ban – even though it is still over 20 years away – could have on our industry and our customers, we also understand the need to get things in place now to ensure there is no disruption to our services. We won’t have to suddenly buy a new fleet all at once, but can instead gradually build up an eco-friendly fleet of electric vehicles over the next few years, meaning that by the time the ban comes in, we are ready and fully up to date.

And of course, we will constantly be monitoring the trends and technologies that apply to our field to ensure we are always leading from the front.

If You Need Absolutely – Give Us A Shout

At Absolutely we pride ourselves on our customer service, and whether you have a query, suggestion, or you want to arrange a delivery, we are here for you. Simply call us on 020 7685 1114.