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Absolutely’s Cargo Bikes – A Bigger, Better Fleet

What a difference a year makes. In that space of time, we’ve managed to build a fully-fledged fleet of cargo bikes. And we’re not stopping there – our cargo bike courier service is still expanding. Our bikes look incredible, but more than looking smart they are perfect for getting the job done, and done well. So just what are the benefits of our cargo bikes?

Speedier Deliveries


London traffic is terrible. There’s just no getting around the fact that it causes problems every day, and well into the night. There seems to be not one part of London – and increasingly in outlying towns or even smaller villages – where traffic is not growing.

This can cause problems for everyone, not least London couriers. Without the right vehicles, many London couriers find that they are sitting in traffic for far too much time, their deliveries doing nothing in the back of a van, their delivery time slots gradually ticking round, and then past. Irate clients and recipients waiting in for a package may well understand that traffic is bad, but they won’t understand why a company – a courier company whose job it is to tackle traffic every day – hasn’t been able to deliver on time, as promised.

With cargo bikes from Absolutely, traffic is more manageable. These bikes can travel along London’s fantastic cycle lanes, breezing past stationary traffic and getting across town in quick time. Deliveries can be made with a lot less frustration, than before. Our bikes are also a viable alternative to a small van – they can carry the same load and guarantee a speedy service.


Not only can a cargo bike easily reach the average London speed limit and ensure that pick ups and deliveries are made with time to spare, but they are eco-friendly too. When we are out on the road with your shipment, you won’t have to worry about polluting the streets. Our bikes are zero emissions which means our environment won’t be affected in any way.


There aren’t any penalties to think about too, which, with legislation in place limiting the level of emissions of each vehicle before having to pay fines, such as the ULEZ charge, is definitely a benefit – there is no better way to be eco-friendly than to travel by bike.

Thanks to our wonderful cargo bikes, Absolutely can offer a green courier service, completely compliant with the ULEZ.

Take Absolutely’s Cargo Bikes For A Spin

Why not book a cargo bike delivery today by calling 020 7685 1114 or going to our website at London courier  to book online? Our fleet is ready and waiting.