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Which Vehicle Is Right For Your Parcel? Absolutely’s Courier Guide

Whether you want to send a one off package or you’re looking for a long term partnership with a courier company, our courier guide has all the information you need. We’re here every step of the way, and we can guarantee your parcel or documents are going to be safe with us. In fact, we offer a number of different services using a variety of different vehicles to ensure that we can get the job done perfectly, every time.

Although this is what sets us apart from the rest and makes Absolutely London’s expert courier, it can be something that may feel a little confusing at first. There are many options, after all. So because we want to help you and because we’ll always be here with all the answers you might need, we have put together a simple courier guide to help you determine which services – and more specifically which vehicle – is going to be best for you.

Small Van

Our courier guide has to start with the vehicle that most of our customers are going to associate with a delivery (although not necessarily the one that most of our customers are going to need); the small van.

Our vans are able to take a maximum weight of 400kg which may not seem a lot at first, but if we were to say that adds up to about 20 A4 boxes, 14 archive boxes, and a small piece of office furniture, that probably paints a better picture.

So we know how much these vans can carry when it comes to weight, but what about size? This is perhaps the most important element of any courier guide since if it doesn’t fit into the vehicle then it’s not going to be delivered, no matter how light it happens to be. Our vans can take items with a maximum length of 170cm, a maximum width of 149cm, and a maximum height of 119cm.

Temperature Controlled Van

As well as our standard vans, our courier guide must include our temperature controlled vans too. Able to take a similar load as the standard vans, these vehicles are ideal for chilled goods such as chilled and frozen food, medical supplies, flowers, and more.

Simply speak to our friendly customer service department to organise a delivery using one of these specialist vehicles.


Motorcycle courier traveling in London traffic, EnglandThe next item in our courier guide is the motorbike. This vehicle is the ideal choice for getting across London in the fastest way. It’s also suited for those urgent long-distance deliveries of smaller items.

The maximum load they can take is 8kg (which equates to about one A4 box, a flat A3 item, a standard laptop case, and a lever arch file). Although they can’t take as much as a van can, they can often make deliveries more quickly, so they are able to do more in a day.



With one of the largest fleets in London, we can’t forget about bicycle couriers on our guide. Eco-friendly, ULEZ compliant and speedy, bicycles can get to places that motorised vehicles would have trouble reaching, and for same day deliveries across London they often cannot be beaten.

Of course, being bicycles the loads they can take are smaller than any other vehicle we have (although the amount one bicycle can take may surprise you). The maximum weight they can carry is 1kg, which is still a fair amount considering a bicycle courier most often delivers documents and flat envelopes.

Absolutely’s Courier Guide Will Help You

Our courier guide is here to help you decide which vehicle is going to be best for your needs. If you’re still not sure, then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 7685 1114, or look through our services for more information.