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A Day In The Life of Absolutely’s Temperature Controlled Courier Service


temperature controlled courier service

Being able to offer a temperature controlled courier service was something that London based courier company have been keen to do in London for some time. The dream is now a reality, and over the past year, the chilled courier sector of the company has been growing rapidly. We spoke to Trevor Crane, the man responsible for Absolutely’s temperature controlled courier service, Absolutely Chilled, about why he thinks the work is so important.

Chilled London Logistics

Absolutely Chilled offers a chilled and frozen service, so we can help more people and companies achieve what they need to achieve in this sector all under one banner. We can work in plus 5 or 10 degrees down to minus 25, giving us a full range of options.

Who Do You Work With?

At the moment we work with a number of different people from high end bakeries, and ice cream manufacturers to chilled-interiorrestaurants. We also work for a well known sushi company, and we’ve got lots of discussions happening on a daily basis. From our customer’s point of view, they know that we understand just how precious these items are not just for those producing and making them, but for those receiving them too. We have a lot of responsibility, but we handle it professionally every time.

Absolutely Chilled offers a logistics solution for the whole of the UK in terms of a temperature controlled courier service, and of course we work a lot in Central London. We have a mixture of jobs to do; large and small, just round the corner and at the other end of the UK: each one is treated in the same way by our excellent team.

What Makes You Different?

We have exceptionally quick reaction times because we’re London based courier company. We can do this thanks to our fleet. We’ve got seven completely up to date chilled vans, and we’re about to take delivery of a eighth. This makes it easy for us to get where we need to be efficiently and quickly, offering our clients a service that goes above and beyond other temperature controlled courier service options they may have come across in the past.

We’re flexible and happy to do multi-drops, but we’re still competitive when it comes to pricing.

All of our drivers are trained in hygiene, food handling, and temperature control monitoring, so these are skilled couriers dealing with these particular deliveries.

When Did Absolutely Chilled Start?

We’ve been working on Absolutely Chilled for about 18 months now, and it has grown at a great rate – we’re very happy with what we’re seeing, and what we know is coming in the future. In fact, this year we’re looking to come in above target.

It’s come to a point where we are well liked, well known, and well trusted by our customers who in some cases have given us keys to their premises so that we can drop our deliveries in the early hours of the morning. They then come into work and the meat and other foods that they have ordered are there, ready and waiting for them.

What Is Your Typical Working Day Like?

chilled-secondary-imageEach day is different, so ‘typical’ is a difficult thing to define. But some of our drivers start at something like 3am, and some go on until 8pm, so that’s a typical working day in terms of hours for Absolutely Chilled as a whole, but not, of course, for each individual courier. Each client will have a different need, so when and where we drop off is a bespoke temperature controlled courier service dependent on the customers.

What Challenges Does This Service Face?

The challenges that come with a temperature controlled courier service are more about challenges that the customer faces and that we need to help them with, rather than the other way around. So you’ll see that there is very little refrigeration space in London, for example. If you’re a company who needs frozen storage, it is an expense to have that built. Instead of that, there are hubs around London where food can be stored. It’s our job a lot of the time to move food from hub to hub, or from hub to restaurant or end user. That’s a challenge that customers face that Absolutely Chilled fixes for them.

As long as we’re ready for the next day, we can work and do what we need to do.

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