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How You Can Become More Sustainable in The Office

Sustainability is causing a buzz, as more people are joining in with eco-friendly practises to ensure that we look after the planet. Whether it’s steering clear of plastic water bottles, investing in reusable coffee cups, or cycling to work, there are so many ways that our modern lives are changing with the world around us. It’s important to do our part to protect the planet, and a good place to begin, is whilst at work.

Sustainability in The City

We understand the challenges of living in the city. It can be particularly hard to be sustainable when you’re in the heart of London, working an office job, as your life is likely to be busy, with little time to pause. Despite the challenges of living in the centre of a bustling metropolis, there are many ways in which you can decrease your environmental impact and move towards sustainable practices.

At Absolutely, we’re inspired to help you make a switch towards sustainable practices, as we have our own zero emissions, eco-friendly ethos.

Quick Lunches

We understand the importance of your time and satisfaction, so these lunch ideas are tasty, but don’t take forever to prepare.

A sustainable lunch on the go can be difficult when you’re trying to prep tasty food around your schedule. Cling film and fast-food are tempting, but there are other options that will leave you with a smile on your face, without being expensive or inconvenient. Prepping a lunch the night before work can be the ideal way to make delicious food, without spending lots of money on your break. Try wholegrain bread sandwiches with fillings such as egg, avocado, cheddar, or peanut butter. They’re easy to make, and can involve side snacks such as nuts, berries, fruit, tomatoes and olives, to keep you full. Once they’re prepared, put them in a Tupperware box to take to the office – this way, you don’t throw away cling film and tin foil every week.

Try to buy local fruit and veg if you’re looking to reduce the air miles your food has taken to reach you. Not only are you saving the carbon emissions involved in delivering your food, but you’re also supporting a home-grown business. This is one of the many reasons why local businesses are using Absolutely Courier to deliver their food boxes and packages.

Coffee Breaks

Coffee is essential when you’re on a busy schedule and trying to wake up in the morning. Plastic coffee cups and some corporations can be unsustainable, but there are many ways in which you can get a luxury latte without feeling guilty about the environment.

Most coffee shops offer a reusable cup system, where you can bring your own coffee cup, and get it refilled with a discount. If you’re really looking to save money whilst staying sustainable, then why not brew a delicious cup at home, and bring it to work in a thermos for later? Ensure that you support local businesses and reduce the air miles of the coffee beans by buying from independent coffee shops in your area – there are so many to discover in London.


Travel is tricky when it comes to staying sustainable, but London is an excellent city for its options when it comes to cycling and walking.

If you want to make your commute easier, then cycle or walk to work – depending on the distance. The tube isn’t a bad option, since it carries many people at once, but if you have the option to cycle or walk, we can guarantee you’ll be full of energy and in a better mood by the time you reach the office. Petrol and diesel cars are terrible for the environment, traffic, congestion and charges. Electric cars and vehicles are leading the way into the future.


Delivery companies often drop off large packages or industrial lorry loads of orders to the office every day. The future of delivery is changing, and there are ways we can make our office deliveries more sustainable.

Absolutely Courier offers you eco-friendly and sustainable courier services in London, with the option for a same day bicycle or cargo bike courier, instead of large lorries and vans which produce emissions and pollution. We provide a businesses and individuals with ways to make sustainable same day deliveries, without an expensive price tag or worries about the speed of your delivery. It’s now so much easier to get your items delivered to your office by a bike or one of our special cargo bikes, without your delivery costing the planet.

Going Paperless

Whilst in the office, you may notice waste baskets brimming with hardly used sheets of paper. This can be a real problem when it comes to sustainability, as it takes an incredible amount of energy and resources to make paper, only for it to be thrown away on an industrial scale.

Many offices are choosing to cut back on how much paper they use, as documents can often be sent via email and signed on computer programmes and apps. There are a multitude of ways that your office can aim to be paperless, such as digital invoices, terms and conditions, and signatures. Speak to your colleagues and boss about the potential to waste less paper or do your part for the environment by only printing what is essential.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Whatever it is you’re using, the chances are you can recycle it, or switch to a company that allows you to recycle the product.

If you do need to use a plastic water bottle or paper, at work, ensure your office is set up with a recycling point which is clearly labelled and efficiently managed. Recycling will help reduce your carbon footprint and give your office rubbish a chance to come back as something wonderful. You never know…your reusable coffee cup might have been a plastic bottle once.

Sustainability at Absolutely Courier

Absolutely Courier strive to improve our sustainable practices and focus on making London a greener city. Our delivery services help you do your bit for the environment, since our fleet of electric cargo bikes are carbon neutral, providing a green solution to your same day courier needs at the office. We cover The Ultra-Low Emission Zone, so our bicycle courier service is guaranteed to deliver your parcel quickly and smoothly.

There are endless ways in which you can choose to make positive change in the world, as Absolutely Courier believes this a vital time to protect our future by going sustainable.

To find out more on how our London based courier services can benefit your business, you can contact us directly or by speaking to one our team on 020 7685 1400 or via email to sales@absolutelycourier.com or alternatively use our live chat facility on our London based courier services.