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The Benefits of London Cargo Bikes

At Absolutely we are immensely proud to say that we have a fantastic fleet of London cargo bikes. In fact, it’s one of London’s biggest fleets of eco-friendly bicycles, and it ensures that our same day deliveries can happen speedily and on time. The London cargo bikes are ideal for smaller packages including anything up to one kilogram in weight. And yes, we could use a motorcycle or a van for these deliveries, and yes, sometimes we do, but wherever possible, we utilise the bikes. Here are some reasons why.


What do you think of when you imagine a vehicle that can go fast? A car, perhaps? A van? Well, in this great city of ours, those vehicles can often be left sitting in traffic. Did you know that the average speed of a four-wheel vehicle is 8mph in the City of London? Whereas the London cargo bikes can sail through easily, beating the queues and delivers your package right on time, even at rush hour.

Fewer Vehicles

The more London cargo bikes there are on the roads, the fewer other vehicles are. That means that the traffic on the city’s roads become much less, easing congestion in general, and allowing people to move about more freely no matter what kind of vehicle they might be in.

Less Expensive

It makes sense that a cargo bike is going to cost less than a van, but there is more to these calculations than the initial cost. The maintenance will cost less too, as will any insurances. There won’t be able road tax due, or MOTs to complete, and there is no fuel cost associated with London cargo bikes either. So why is this good? It’s good because courier companies can then pass those massive savings over to their customers, and everyone is happy.

Better For The Environment

One of the main advantages of London cargo bikes is that they are better for the environment. One of the biggest pollutants on our planet are motorised vehicles, so the fewer of them there are on the roads, the better it is for everyone.

Healthy Couriers

At Absolutely, we want our couriers to be happy and healthy. If they’re out there delivering packages for us – and you – on our London cargo bikes then there is no doubt that they will be getting all the exercise they need. It isn’t always easy to fit in a session at the gym in our busy work lives, but these couriers don’t have to worry about it.

Cycling is good for people’s overall fitness, but did you know it can also help to reduce stress levels (which definitely rise when driving) too?

Do You Need London Cargo Bikes From Absolutely?

If you have a document or other smaller package to send and you want it to arrive on our same day service, then our fleet of London cargo bikes is exactly right for you. Why not contact us today on 020 7685 1400 to find out exactly what it all entails? Alternatively, you can go to https://www.absolutelycourier.com/contact-us/open-an-account/ and we will be happy to help you.