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What is the best way to package an international parcel?

When you have an international delivery to be made, Absolutely can be with you every step of the way. From beginning to end, our experienced couriers, fantastic fleet, and exceptional office staff can ensure that your parcel arrives at the right place at the right time – we’ll go above and beyond.

As well as picking the right courier, it’s essential for our customers to know how to package their international parcel. And although you might assume there is really only one way for this to be done, it’s perhaps not quite as simple as it might seem – plus, since your parcel will be handled by different people across thousands of miles, it will keep everything safer. Here’s how to get it right.

Individually Wrapped

It’s best to wrap each individual item by itself, even if there are multiple items within just one delivery. This will keep them safer, and protect them all as a group. Wrap each item in bubblewrap and tape them all the way round.


The Outer Container

Even if you wrap each item really well, having a strong outer container is vital to protect against damage. Don’t skimp on the package in this case – the stronger and more robust the better, and although that might mean you have to pay more, it will certainly be worth the investment. As well as having a strong outer container, fill up any gaps within the box with packing peanuts, or scrunched up newspaper. This will stop everything moving around.

Strong Tape

Of course, a well wrapped international parcel in a strong box is nothing if that box is not closed properly. Strong tape is absolutely necessary to keep the box in one piece and to keep it closed. You must use the tape around every seam of the box, even if they are already closed and look strong – accidents can happen. The tape should be at least 40mm wide.


Don’t forget your labels! These are hugely important if you want to ensure that your international parcel will get to its intended destination. The labels will be used by your courier to log everything, and if a label is missing it could mean delays in delivering your package. Don’t just rely on the label to stick – use more tape to keep it where it should be.

Key Tips

Remember, packaging your international parcel right is crucial – here are some extra tips to help you:

  • Remove any old labels that might be on the box
  • If a box has arrows on it, ensure they are facing the right way. Your courier won’t know any different and the parcel will be stacked with the arrows facing upwards
  • If you are including an invoice with your parcel, put it in an envelope and tape it to the box
  • Don’t use an extra layer of black packing plastic – sorting machines cannot process it

Send Your International Parcel With Absolutely

Sending an international parcel is something that many businesses will need to do from time to time, and for some it’s a daily occurrence. No matter what the frequency, when it’s your turn to arrange it, you’ll want to use a courier that knows exactly what to do – that courier is Absolutely. Contact us today to find out more; visit https://www.absolutelycourier.com/our-services/international-courier-services/ or call 020 7685 1114.