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Absolutely’s Cargo Bike Fleet: Making The Courier Business Green


Once upon a time it took a fleet of vans – perhaps some cars – and a lot of pollution to be a successful courier company. At Absolutely we know that times are changing and that the old way of doing things is no longer good enough. It’s not the way to work. So we’ve changed the way we do things. Yes, we still operate vans (they’re essential for the bigger, heavier items we transport), but we offset them as much as possible with our fantastic eco friendly cargo bike fleet. If you need a cargo bike courier London wide, Absolutely are the people to call.

But apart from being good for the environment, why would you choose a cargo bike over a van for your delivery?


London is a busy place. It’s getting busier.Bike courier London

And motor vehicles just can’t get to where they need to go fast enough. So what are the alternatives? Choose a bike courier in London, who knows those roads and who can take your goods from A to B quickly and efficiently. It’s really that simple. Cargo bikes don’t get stuck in traffic, so even during rush hour they can make their drops on time, every time. It makes them perfect to use for our same-day services. Plus – another knock-on effect of this – the more bikes there are on the road, the fewer cars, and that means less traffic for other motorists to worry about. It’s a definite win-win.

They Cost Less

It’s a fact that vehicles like vans cost a fair chunk of money. They cost more to buy in the beginning (even if you lease them you have to pay a deposit), and they don’t hold their value so when it’s time to sell them on, you know you’ve already lost money. And they cost to maintain too. Annual services, new tyres, tax, fuel…..Those costs generally get pushed onto the customer in some way. Cargo bikes don’t cost anywhere near as much as a van does. They are far cheaper to maintain. There are no tax or fuel costs associated with them. That means that they’re good for everyone, from the bike courier London based company, to the customer, to the environment.

Bike courier London

Easy To Use

Riding a bike is like, well, riding a bike. Once mastered, never forgotten. Driving a van is….trickier. You need a licence for one thing, and not everyone can get to grips with the mechanics of driving. Not everyone wants to. So that means that a good few people who would make brilliant couriers can’t work for companies who don’t utilise cargo bikes. They’re pushed out of the job market from the start. If, as we do at Absolutely, there are vans and cargo bikes, then it means more people can be working, which means more packages can be delivered. Our reputation for excellent service is maintained and everyone gets what they want. Even the bike couriers get a good dose of exercise, which is something everyone should be doing more of. It makes sense to use a bike courier London-wide, doesn’t it?

Convinced? Then Contact Absolutely Today

You want to help the environment, you want to boost your green credentials, but you also have to keep your business growing and thriving. Since Absolutely provide a wide range of different options, including the choice of a bike courier London wide, creating an account with us gives you the flexibility you need as well as the eco-friendly business you want.

Contact us today on 0207 685 1400, or see https://www.absolutelycourier.com/contact-us/open-an-account/ for more details.