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Has COVID-19 changed our attitude to Food Subscription Boxes?

The COVID-19 global pandemic is completely changing the world. For many businesses, this has meant adapting to the ever-changing guidelines whilst also finding innovative ways to continue operating. People in jobs we once overlooked, such as couriers and delivery drivers, are now heroes, helping us to survive and keeping the world moving.

One industry that this pandemic has affected most dramatically, is the food and beverage industry. The once simple task of buying your weekly shop now feels like a scene from the Clash of the Titans where everyone is desperately competing for a finite number of supermarket delivery slots. Or standing for hours queuing for the privilege of buying basics such as eggs, bread, or milk only to find many of the items already sold out, on finally gaining entry to the shop. Both have become a common occurrence for many. Those vulnerable or at risk have had to rely on family, friends, or volunteers to do the weekly shop and deliver to the doorstep – but no further.

As recently reported in This is Money, food subscription box services are booming as consumers seek more convenient and less stressful ways to secure food supplies. Indeed, many local pubs and restaurants, seeing an opportunity to contribute to their overheads while maintaining customer awareness, have gone into the ‘takeaway’ business.

Here at Absolutely Courier, we are extremely happy and proud that we have been able to do our part in supporting subscription-box suppliers, supermarkets, farmers, restaurants and many more businesses in the delivery of essential food items.

Our recent acquisition of Go-betweens Couriers Ltd has proved very timely; their large fleet of pushbikes, motorbikes and vans combined with their team of experienced drivers and riders, has helped us manage a huge increase in demand for food deliveries over the lockdown period.

In particular, the addition of their eCargo bikes to our already extensive Cargo bike fleet has not only facilitated central London food deliveries but also helps to reduce our CO2 emissions. Regardless of the COVID-19 challenges, our aim has been, and remains, to ensure our clients always have the choice of eco-friendly, vehicle options.

So, as lockdown regulations are relaxed, what does the future hold for food deliveries?

absolutely-cargo-bike-for-foodWe believe many consumers have taken a liking to many aspects of this new way of life, finding many things more convenient while also freeing up more time for family. As supermarkets, restaurants and retail outlets return to normal we fully expect the volume of food deliveries will see a short-term dip but overall will remain higher when compared to pre-COVID-19 deliveries.

It is a long established fact that whenever markets experience disruption, this simultaneously gives rise to new opportunities that can be seized by the quick and the brave. It will, therefore, come as no surprise to learn that, in recent months, we have been approached by several new market entrants in search of a reliable, flexible, and consistent delivery partner.

We are continuing to work with our partners and to invest in our growing fleet to ensure that we can provide a safe, high-quality perishables collection and delivery service, across London.

If you are looking for a food, or temperature-sensitive product, courier and you like what you hear about Absolutely we are ready and waiting for your call on 0207 685 1114 or click here to create an account.