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It’s becoming more and more challenging to know where businesses are, and what to do when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions.

The government announced Monday the need to introduce a tiering system which reflects the severity of your local lockdown, and with NHS testing stretched, more and more businesses and individuals are finding alternative solutions through private COVID-19 testing companies.

It’s been well documented through the media that NHS testing facilities are at capacity and it’s becoming extremely difficult to book a test local to where you live.

The FT reported yesterday on the demand and appetite from business to get their colleagues tested and back into the work place, to ensure survival and continuity of service wherever possible.

‘Private health companies are racing to meet the demand for coronavirus tests from UK corporate clients with some setting up temporary laboratories near businesses that want to bring staff back into work.’

‘With rising case numbers straining public sector testing capacity, private providers have reported a surge in demand, particularly from businesses…’

However, not many publications are reporting on the critical first and final mile solutions that many sameday courier companies, like Absolutely, have and continue to put in place. Sameday London couriers are an important part the jigsaw that sometimes gets overlooked. Although first and final mile deliveries come as second nature to us, the volume, compliance and demand is something that needs to be carefully planned and measured.

One of our first testing app clients, engaged with us several months ago, long before lockdown. They wanted to understand how a Sameday London courier could support, develop and implement a solution for a 12-hour turnaround, for B2B and B2C first and final mile delivery solutions of COVID-19 test kits.

It was apparent that the movement of the COVID-19 testing kit was straight forward. However, the timings and the laboratory turnaround time and capacity played a significant part on just how quickly we could collect and deliver.

API integration was key to the success, along with agility and a fantastic sameday courier team sitting behind it to ensure that every box is checked. A strong partnership with our clients always helps to turn these innovative ideas and opportunities into reality.

The need for COVID-19 testing will continue to grow, airlines, football teams, businesses, are all in need of COVID-19 testing kits and we all need to keep the wheels turning, and the Sameday courier sector is certainly playing its part.

We have a multitude of vehicles to transport covid-19 testing kits and a wealth of experience in medical deliveries. For more information please get in touch via phone 0207 685 1114, or email sales@absolutelycourier.com our team would love to help.