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How has COVID-19 Impacted the Courier Industry

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted each and every one of us around the world, including the courier industry, causing many unexpected disruptions and forcing us to change how we work and live. It is evident that we are living through a time which will be discussed in school classrooms for decades to come.

Some of the changes we have seen will last beyond the pandemic, and in fact, will prove positive change. Many businesses have transformed their offerings, and can see the associated benefits, such as expanded delivery options through the use of courier services.

So, what impact has COVID-19 had on deliveries and the courier industry?

The Growth in Demand for Courier Services:

Couriers across London, and the UK, have seen the pandemic drive a surge in demand for ecommerce and ultimately residential deliveries using the services such as sameday couriers and overnight couriers. As customers continue to shift to online shopping for essentials such as food, medicine and clothing, the necessity for a reliable courier service in London has never been more crucial.

As a London based courier, we have continued to see a stringent demand of our services during the pandemic. This surge, as expected considering the shift in online demand, has meant a few sectors in particular have really stood out.

Couriers for the Food Sector:

The UK lockdown restrictions have naturally seen the hospitality industry close their doors to the public, leading to the question of how businesses can continue to operate? This challenge has driven many food retailers to rely on the services of a courier. Whilst businesses have shifted to operating in an online environment, customers have similarly shifted to rely on the convenience of ordering food at a click of a button. This behaviour has continued to drive demand across couriers in London, specifically temperature-controlled courier services and food courier services.

The benefits seen by food courier services are designed to help businesses switch to different revenue streams by delivering fresh, frozen and convenient foods to customers doors. This has enabled many businesses in London to survive, whilst building their customer base despite these challenging times.

Couriers for the Medical Sector:

The medical and healthcare sector has also expectedly seen the demand for services surge throughout the pandemic and, in turn, this has put huge strain on capacity. In a bid to continue to provide services to millions of Londoners, the sector has seen the need for an alternative system of delivering medication.

The most fitting way to do this, is working with a medical courier service. Medical couriers, such as we, have designed services to ensure that medical products are handled and stored in an appropriate manner. This provides businesses with the reassurance that their products are handled with attention and care, through first enquiry to final mile delivery across London and the wider UK.

The Importance of Courier Services for Local Businesses:

The pandemic has proven to be a challenging time for many businesses in London and adapting to new services, to meet the lockdown restrictions, have been felt by all. Subsequently forcing them to seek innovative ways to continue serving the public, whilst keeping customers and colleagues safe, is paramount.

Some local businesses have faced the difficult decision of closing their doors to the public, which is never good for anyone. Implementing the help of a London Courier has provided a way for some businesses to survive this turbulent period, and achieve sustainability, without compromising on the health and safety of their colleagues. Working with a reliable courier service will find that they can continue to sell products to their customers, without having to let anyone physically step into a store.

Providing customers with alternative services offers more than just immediate benefits. In fact, the advantages stretch far beyond short-term wins. By implementing these services, businesses can portray a level of responsibility and care – which will likely strengthen brand loyalty and draw in new customers.


The impact of COVID-19 on industry is exceptional. Through the surge in demand across sectors such as food and medicine, to the innovative ways that businesses continue to explore to survive, the importance of working with a courier during the pandemic is more vital now, than ever.

Absolutely Courier have continued to work with a vast range of clients throughout the pandemic, allowing businesses to operate despite the difficult climate. To find out more on how our London based courier services can benefit your business, you can contact us directly or by speaking to one our team on 020 7685 1400 or via email to sales@absolutelycourier.com.