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An Insight Into The History of Courier Services

When you think of courier services, you may consider them to be a new phenomenon, something that has come into being with the advent of new technology and new ways of doing business. However, courier services and companies have been around for decades – over a century in some cases. One of those long standing courier services companies just happens to be yours truly; Absolutely.

Absolutely – 154 Years of History and Counting

Yes, we’ll start with ourselves and our history because we are extremely proud of how long we have been offering courier services in London. We are, in fact, London’s oldest courier company, having started in 1865 by George Thompson.

We’ve been through some changes since then, including our name (we were initially known as G. Thompson Ltd) but that’s the very reason we’re still offering courier services today. We have been able to see what is coming and ensure that we have enough transport of the right type, and can offer our customers what they need.


The Changes to the Courier Industry

So just what have been the biggest changes in the courier industry over the years? The first has to be the invention of the motor vehicle. Whereas before the van was introduced around 1892 everything had to be done by foot, on a bicycle, or using a horse and cart, once a motorised vehicle was available everything changed. Not only could deliveries be made more quickly, but multiple deliveries could be carried out on one route.

Other changes must include London itself. Although Absolutely do, of course, deliver across the country and even across the world, our focus has always been London. It took a long time to cross London in 1865 since it had to be done by horse or on foot. It still takes a long time to cross London today, but that’s due to the traffic.

New road layouts and laws have meant that for couriers it has become something of a battle to get around the city, a far cry from the staid and steady clip clopping of a horse and cart. Absolutely has dealt with these changes admirably. We have couriers who are able to find alternative routes quickly and simply, and who can therefore still ensure goods are delivered when they are meant to be.

Technology must be mentioned. New technology such as satellite navigation systems and online booking platforms are what people want nowadays. The better equipment we have, the better we can do our job, which is why we invest in the most up to date technology.


The courier industry as a whole has seen major advancements over the years. In the beginning parcels were collected and delivered – how long it took would depend on how many other loads there were and what the weather was like and how many couriers were at work. Nothing was promised, nothing was guaranteed. That may have worked then, but it wouldn’t wash today – today there are numerous different services available including chilled deliveries, same day, and overnight. Today we can make promises and keep them because everything is so much more streamlined and efficient.

Finally, we have to look at environmental issues. Back in 1865 saving the planet wasn’t something people were concerned about. In the 21st century, however, things have definitely changed. Now everyone wants to be as green as possible. We understand that, which is why we now have a fleet of electric vehicles to put into use.

Absolutely Has Been Around – We Know How To Help You

Absolutely has been working for over 150 years, keeping up to date with all the changes and new ideas that have occurred within the courier industry throughout the years. Our trained couriers are ready to deliver your package to wherever it needs to go. Get in touch with us today by calling 020 7685 1114 or go to https://www.absolutelycourier.com/our-services/sameday-courier-services/.