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The Latest Courier News from Absolutely: We’ve Acquired 3D Couriers

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At Absolutely we know that we can offer our fantastic, renowned services to a wider audience. We can ensure that your goods, your important documents, your essential items are taken all across London, and beyond. Now we’ve stated the obvious, how about sharing some exciting courier news with you! We’ve recently acquired 3D Couriers, and can now extend our services to more people. Don’t worry though, we’ll be keeping our fantastic customer service exactly as it is; we wouldn’t want to change, just because we’re growing.

Who Are 3D Couriers?

Our courier news may not be news at all for someone outside our industry. However, for our customers, we’re sure that it’s something that will be of interest. So just who are 3D Couriers, and why is it such a great thing that we’ve bought them to add to our fleet and our service area? 3D operate from Fitzrovia, and offer international delivery services as well as same day and next day courier services. Established in 2003, their fleet includes bikes (push, cargo, and motor) as well as vans. But it’s not just what they’ve got and where they go that interested Absolutely.

Why The Interest?

Courier news isn’t always very exciting, but we think this piece of courier news is certainly something to get a little excited about. Acquiring 3D Couriers means we can offer an increase in fleet numbers, which will allow us to respond to urgent deliveries even quicker than normal. We are also excited to add the 3D personnel to the Absolutely family, they possess invaluable industry knowledge that will serve our clients and the business so well! We can expand. But there was more to 3D Couriers than that; we also liked their way of working. It’s similar to ours. It puts the customer first, and ensures exceptional, personal, friendly service from every angle. We were also keen on the fact that the latest technology in courier working was their friend – they had invested, and they were serious about it. Absolutely is also serious about being at the forefront of the courier industry. Putting all these things together means that acquiring 3D Couriers was the best option for us, for them, and for our customers.

What Now?

Our courier news doesn’t mean that you have to worry about any changes coming your way. Due to the fact that 3D’s key values are so in-tune with our own, it’s likely you’ll see nothing change at all, at least not for the foreseeable future. And when it does change, it will only be for the better. For now, you can rest assured that you can use us to take your packages from A to B (or anywhere else) with the same care and attention as we ever had.
For Absolutely, this acquisition means that we will integrate 3D Courier’s fleet into our own, and we’ll start to look after their corporate accounts. However, for the moment the 3D brand will remain in place – we want to look after 3D Courier’s clients as well as our own.

We Offer A Range Of Excellent Services

If you need to send a parcel, contact Absolutely so that we can discuss your needs. Our reach, our service, our team, our fleet, and our way of working are all something that we’re incredibly proud of, and we hope you’ll love working with us. Get in touch today on 020 7685 1400 or see https://www.absolutelycourier.com/contact-us/ for more details.