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On Board Courier Service: A More Personal and Specialist Experience

When you have items that need to be delivered, you need to have a trusted courier service on hand to get those goods where they need to be. No matter what they are or where they are going, your courier has to be reliable, professional, great value for money, and they need to have up to date technology in order to do the job in the right way. In other words, your courier needs to be Absolutely.

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Our On Board Courier Service

Something we pride ourselves on at Absolutely is our on board courier service. Because of our exceptional customer service and our willingness to go the extra mile (in some cases literally), you can be sure that when using our on board courier service you are entrusting your delivery to someone who knows exactly how to get it where it needs to be.

An on board courier service means that we have a courier escort your delivery safely via commercial aircraft. Your delivery is made on time, and with someone there to ensure it happens correctly. This is a personal service with highly trained couriers who you can completely trust to safely deliver items all over the world. Simply ask Absolutely about this service and we will be able to give you all the information you need to make a decision.

The Personal Touch

What is it that Absolutely does that makes our on board courier service such a good option for those wanting to send items internationally? Of course we offer excellent value, and of course we are highly experienced, but as well as that it is the personal touch that really makes us the best at what we do. Every item sent is cared for individually. This means that sending urgent, non-hazardous, high value items is no longer a problem – simply choose Absolutely and you can rest assured that we will escort your package as if it were our own.

Specialist Staff and Sensitive Items

Our specialist on board couriers can accompany many different types of delivery. If your goods or documents are highly sensitive, there is no need to worry; we know how to handle this type of delivery and no matter what you might be sending, we’ll take good care of it in the air. You won’t have to have any concerns about either safety or about delivery times – we’ve got it all covered thanks to our excellent team.

We Do It All

Not only do we accompany the items you choose to send internationally, ensuring that they are safe at all times, but we can deal with the entire process. This means we will even check the packaging of your goods are up to the standard required, and we will ensure that all customs areas are handled with ease. Once you pass your delivery over to us you don’t need to do anything else.

A Bespoke Courier Service

At Absolutely we understand that no two deliveries are going to be the same. In many cases, your delivery will be highly personal, and will certainly have some unique elements to it. This means that a standard courier company may not be able to offer you everything you need.

This is what makes Absolutely different. Not only do we have the skills and experience to ensure your on board courier service is smooth and efficient, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your delivery is bespoke to you.

Many courier companies are choosing to use automation to make their deliveries more seamless and efficient. We don’t need to do that at Absolutely. We already have a seamless, efficient delivery service, and we don’t see why we have to do away with excellent, personal customer service to get there. So when you contact us, you will speak to a real person who understands the courier industry and can answer your queries and take your bookings.

Get In Touch About Our On Board Courier Service Today

You don’t have the time to spend escorting your deliveries across the globe. You have far too many other things to do. This is where Absolutely comes in. Using our service means you can leave your delivery in our hands, knowing that it will be well looked after on every step of its journey. We guarantee a high level of service every time so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7685 1114 or by using this form here.