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How Absolutely Will Beat The Heat This Summer

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the hotter recently, and for some couriers that – and summertime in general – is a problem. Not for Absolutely, however; our chilled courier service means that we can deliver your temperature controlled goods no matter how hot it gets.


Deliveries In Summer

If you have deliveries to be made during the summer, and if they need to be kept at certain temperatures, you won’t want to contact just any courier company. Remember, not all of them are set up to be able to efficiently and professionally deal with your temperature sensitive deliveries, and that is something that sets Absolutely apart – we understand how important it is to get temperature controlled deliveries right, and that’s why we offer an exceptional chilled courier service.

Benefits of Our Chilled Service

There are a number of benefits to using Absolutely’s chilled courier service. Firstly, we have a fleet of vehicles designed to transport temperature sensitive items – they are great to look at, but more than that they are well maintained and driven by couriers who understand why your chilled goods needs to be delivered at a certain time.

Another benefit to using Absolutely for your chilled courier needs is the knowledge that our drivers have. As mentioned above, they are aware of the ins and outs of transporting chilled goods, but they also know the ins and outs of London traffic. This means they can pick a route that will get your goods where they need to be when they need to be there, and, if they do come across any traffic on the way, they’ll know exactly how to re-route to ensure there are no delays.


What’s Delivered?

Absolutely has no problems delivering any kind of chilled consignment – it’s one part of what we do, and it’s a reason why we’re regarded so highly within the industry. It’s also why our customers come back to us time and again.

We can deliver chilled food, for example – either frozen or simply from the fridge – to its final destination. We can also transport medical supplies and products which, if the temperature is not carefully adhered to, could cause a delay in a patient’s treatment or become unusable entirely. In matters of life and death, Absolutely is there for you.

We Can Beat The Heat

Summertime in the UK is often a hit and miss affair; it can be extremely hot, just as it can be middling, or even cold and drizzly. Providing an exceptional, professional chilled courier service means that Absolutely can delivery temperature sensitive items come rain or shine, come hot or cold. Contact us today on 020 7685 1114 or go to https://www.absolutelycourier.com/our-services/temperature-controlled/ to find out more.