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The Royal Wedding and How Couriers in London Can Deliver the Perfect Present

Royal Wedding - Couriers in London

A wedding is a big event whether you’re royalty or not, and with the UK’s excitement at fever pitch over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming nuptials, we couldn’t help but wonder what presents the happy couple are going to be receiving via couriers in London: It’s going to be a busy day for delivery services in the Windsor area, certainly, and those piles of presents from well-wishers will be coming in from all over the world.

Last Minute Gift Courier

Presents are all part of a wedding and if you’re attending yourself it’s easy to take the gift with you. But what if you’re not going to be there (like the majority of the world when it comes to the royal wedding taking place on Saturday 19th May)? Maybe you need to look into a last minute gift courier? Standard couriers in London can help assuming that the gift is non-perishable and can wait a few days to be delivered. That’s the easy part. So a gift that has been bought days, if not weeks, before the big day can happily be sent on its way with a smile. That can also be easily achieved via our great Overnight service.

Last minute gifts are not that easy. Life is not always so cut and dried and anything can happen that means someone who was intent on attending a wedding can no longer be there. Illness, a car breakdown, a missed flight, or any number of other things can put paid to the best laid plans. In that case, what happens to the gift?

A standard courier company could still take it, but it wouldn’t arrive where it needed to be for days (it may not even be picked up for days if this wedding is taking place on a Saturday) by which time the happy couple could be on their honeymoon and unable to receive it. So it will have to wait until they’re back and then sent, making it look rather like an afterthought.

With Absolutely, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. We have couriers in London who can be counted on for Sameday delivery services, for those last minute challenges that we all experience from time to time.

Can Absolutely Couriers In London Deliver Anything?

Roses - Couriers in LondonAt Absolutely we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver anything to anyone, anywhere. When it comes to Sameday deliveries, we know how important they are; there is a deadline and we will stick to it. Take flowers for a wedding, for example. No one wants to engage couriers in London who are going to deliver them too early (so they wilt) or too late (so they’re useless). It has to be done right, which is why Absolutely are the courier company to choose.

When you’re watching the royal wedding on the 19th and waving your flag, just take a moment to look at the flowers. Thousands of them. The couriers who delivered them will have worked hard to ensure it was done just right; it’s going to be an impressive sight. But whether hundreds of thousands of blooms or one beautiful bouquet, Absolutely can get it right, every time.

Chilled Sameday Delivery

Not everything that needs to be delivered to a wedding is going to be easy to transport. The cake, for example,cake - couriers in london is a precious, unique object that is supremely delicate. Absolutely’s Chilled Sameday service could easily cope with it though, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in one piece, still perfectly edible and exactly as it was always meant to be. And it’s not just cakes either; plenty of wedding items should be delivered chilled. What’s a wedding without ice cream? Without ice? Without an ice sculpture? Absolutely couriers in London know exactly how to handle it all.

An International Request – Absolutely Have it Covered

You may want to go that extra mile, and get something that is not readily available in the UK. That special touch always goes down well, and after all, you want to stand out from the crowd. You may not be able to go that extra mile like French President Emmanuel Macron, and gift the happy couple a bespoke set from S.T Dupont’s 007 Collection, including two engraved pens, a lighter and a vanity case. That may stretch your budget somewhat. However, whatever the gift, if it is coming from oversees, Absolutely couriers can assist.

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We at Absolutely wish Price Harry and Meghan Markle many years of happiness together.