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Absolutely – UK’s Longest-Serving Courier

Not all couriers are created equal, and when you need a same day London courier that can really go the extra mile, you need Absolutely. We truly do deliver beyond expectations.

Our History

1865. Over 150 years ago. Some good things happened in that year; the American civil war ended and slavery ended, Alice in Wonderland was published, and Absolutely, your London courier, was established.

Of course, back then we were known as G. Thompson Ltd. George Thompson, the man we have to thank for all of this, was a station master at St Pancras. He could see that there was an opportunity to deliver freight privately, so he set up a courier company to do just that. He employed five of his seven sons to begin with, but it wasn’t long before the company grew and soon employed over 30 people.

We still continue the ethos and standards that were started back then. We use engines instead of horses, but the ideas and the goals are still there.

We are the oldest established courier company in London. That means we’ve had a lot of time to ensure our working practices, including our same day courier service, are second to none. You can rely on us – we’ve been doing this for a very long time.


Our Evolution

Absolutely may have been started back in 1865, and our ideals may not have changed, but our way of working has. We have evolved, and are more than happy to use the most up to date technology available to ensure we are always at the top of our game, able to deliver anything you need to be delivered across London, the UK, and the world.

We have, over the years, adapted to the changes that have taken place in the courier industry. That might be new tech, changes in legislation, different ways people choose to interact. That’s why we’re still here; it’s why we’re still trusted and used by hundreds of customers who recommend us and come back to us time and again. If we didn’t move with the times, we would be left behind, and that’s not something we will allow to happen.

Our Same Day Courier Service

One of the ways we have evolved is by adding sameday courier service to our list of ways we can help our customers. In the past, certainly back at the start when horses were used to deliver packages, that just wasn’t possible. But thanks to technology, reliable couriers, and expert logistics managers, Absolutely can take on any challenge and deliver every time.

Absolutely Can Help You


For a modern courier company with good old fashioned ideals that treats their customers well and gets the job done precisely, contact Absolutely today. Call 020 7685 1400 or click on https://www.absolutelycourier.com/our-services/sameday-courier-services/ to find out more. We can be with you every step of the way.