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What Does a Successful PA and Absolutely Have in Common? We Deliver Everything!

we deliver everything


It has long been known that if the boss is the brains of the company, and the employees are the body, then it’s the PA – busy, organised, flexible – who is the heart and the soul. They may even also be the veins and the ligaments and the muscles. After all, it is often they who hold everything together.


And if you are the brains, and London, or the UK, or even international destinations is the body, then perhaps Absolutely is the heart and the soul. Perhaps Absolutely is the veins and the ligaments and the muscles. We deliver everything; we hold everything together.
Let’s delve a little deeper. What makes a successful PA?

They Are Flexible

A great PA is flexible. They need to work around everyone else, and sometimes office hours just don’t fit when there is a lot to do. When the world around them is ever-changing, when meetings are postponed, brought forward, cancelled altogether, do they get flustered? Do they panic? Not at all. They just get on with things. Absolutely works the same way. We know that life doesn’t always go according to plan, and if you need us to be flexible, we will be flexible when we deliver everything. It helps us all out in the end.

They Are Positive

A good PA will know that they should stay positive, even if things aren’t going quite according to plan. If they are calm and positive, they can keep everyone else calm and positive too. office-we-do-everything2A pleasant, can-do attitude goes a lot further than anything else, being upbeat about things – no matter what is happening – is essential. At Absolutely we find that this positive, cheerful attitude helps us to win clients, and to keep clients.

They Communicate

Communication is key in many industries, but a PA needs more than most. Not only do they need to listen to their boss, but they also need to relay that information effectively to everyone and anyone else who needs to know it. That’s not unlike us at Absolutely. We deliver everything through great communication; we listen to our customers, we work out how best to serve their needs, and then we get that package to where it needs to go. Smooth as silk.

They Are Organised

If nothing else, a great PA is organised. They have to be. If they don’t hold it together, working methodically and calmly, nothing will get done. They have to be focused. They have to know the end goal and work towards it. Guess what? Absolutely do that too. From start to finish your package is in safe hands, and we deliver everything methodically, focused on getting our job done so you can get yours done.

Come And See Us

If you want to know more about the heart and soul (and veins and ligaments and muscles) behind our courier service, come and visit Absolutely at The Office Show from 28th February to the 1st March (www.officeshow.co.uk). We’d love to chat to you about how we deliver everything from important documents to packages and more. If you can’t make it, simply get in touch today on 020 7685 1400, or see https://www.absolutelycourier.com/contact-us/ for more details.