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Do you put these foods in the fridge?


We’re all stuck in our ways, and when it comes to storing particular items in the fridge, this becomes very apparent. The debates which arise from which items should be stored in the fridge are both amusing and eye-opening, and it’s near impossible to not get involved. Where do bananas belong? How about mayonnaise? Here at Absolutely London couriers, we’ve been asking the questions and the public has spoken, and the results might shock you…

Do you put avocados in the fridge? 57% said yes!

It’s interesting to see that there was almost an even divide with this, as you should only put avocados in the fridge if they are ripening too quickly or if they are unfinished.


Do you put fresh corn in the fridge? 77.2% said yes!

77.2% of people put fresh corn in the fridge, which is promising to see as you will end up with a mushy vegetable if kept in room temperature! It’s called fresh corn for a reason, so keep it fresh in the fridge.

Do you put Champagne in the fridge? 67.8% said yes!

These results bring the long-term drinkers and short-term drinkers to light, as it’s only recommended to store champagne in the fridge when it will be consumed within 3-4 days. Store it in the fridge for any longer than this and the champagne will start to change in taste.

Do you put American Mustard in the fridge? 58.3% said yes!

American mustard has a very long life expectancy when compared to other foods, so whether it’s stored in the fridge or not, you won’t see it expire for at least a year!

Do you put Mayonnaise in the fridge? 91.7% said yes!

Mayonnaise will turn brown and go bad in taste when left opened in room temperature. Say no more…

Do you put Tortillas in the fridge? 86.6% said no!

Believe it or not, it’s actually recommended to store tortillas in the fridge, as this keeps them fresh and prevents mould from growing. If you want to stretch their expiry date, then storing tortillas in the fridge is the way forward!


Do you put Cooked Pizza in the fridge? 79.4% said yes!

Got some leftover pizza that you plan to eat for breakfast? Leaving it out of the fridge is fine, but to keep it fresh and lasting longer, storing it in the fridge is wise.

Do you put Soy Milk in the fridge? 76.5% said yes!

Check the small print and you’ll find that soy milk should be refrigerated straight away once opened!

Do you put Grapes in the fridge? 72.2% said yes!

When you store grapes in a fridge, store them unwashed. The moisture from washing speeds up decay.

Do you put Jam in the fridge? 69.7% said yes!

Refrigerating jam will help to slow down the oil-separation process, meaning you won’t get a questionable texture or taste.

Do you put Ketchup in the fridge? 62.5% said yes!

Ketchup is shelf-stable, so will remain edible either way. However, leading brand Heinz recommends storing their Ketchup in the fridge once opened.


Do you put Fruit Pie in the fridge? 72.9% said no!

If the pie contains egg, then it must be refrigerated right away. However, if not, fruit pies can be kept at room temperature for two days before spoiling.

Do you put Cream Liqueur in the fridge? 61% said no!

Most enjoy their cream liqueur chilled, so the obvious solution for this is to put it in the fridge. This isn’t mandatory though, as it will last up to six months on the shelf once opened.

Do you put Bread in the fridge? 85.6% said no!

Storing bread in the fridge will actually cause it to dry out and go stale, so it’s best kept at room temperature. If you wish to store your bread for longer periods, put it in the freezer.

Do you put Bananas in the fridge? 91.7% said no!

Unlike many other types of fruit, storing your bananas in the fridge will actually stop them from ripening, meaning they’ll never be ready to eat.

Do you put yoghurt in the fridge? 99.3% said yes!

For your own safety, yoghurt needs to be stored in the fridge in order to stop contamination. Here’s hoping that the 0.7% who don’t store their yoghurt in the fridge haven’t caught any foodborne illnesses…


Do you put Potatoes in the fridge? 76.5% said no!

Unless you like the taste of sweet and gritty potatoes, it’s best to keep them out of the fridge and in a cool paper bag instead. This will stop the starch from turning into sugar.

Do you put Coffee Beans in the fridge? 89.9% said no!

Fridges are not cold enough to keep coffee beans fresh, so unless you wish to keep them in the freezer for long-term storage, you’re better off popping them in a dark container.

Do you put Honey in the fridge? 95.3% said no!

Honey will crystalise faster when in the fridge, which gives an unwanted taste and texture. So, as long as it’s kept in an airtight container, it’ll be perfectly fine on a shelf or in a cupboard.

Do you put Garlic in the fridge? 57.8% said no!

It’s best to keep garlic in a cool and dry place, as storing it in the fridge will increase the chances of a rubbery texture and mould growths.

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