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What has ChatGPT got to say about the Sameday Courier Sector?

ChatGPT has been much commented upon in the press recently, so we decided that it might be a good idea and see what the hype was all about and set it a task relevant to our business. 

So we asked ChatGPT a couple of questions about the UK Sameday Courier Sector and the result we got was surprisingly accurate.

But first what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more with the chatbot. In short you can ask it quite complicated questions and get an answer intelligently, distilled from the huge body of public content that is out there.

Question 1 – ChatGP, Summarise the top 5 market trends in the UK Sameday courier market.

  1. Increased demand for same-day delivery services: With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, there has been a significant increase in demand for same-day delivery services, particularly in urban areas.
  2. The emergence of technology-enabled solutions: The use of technology has enabled same-day courier services to become more efficient and customer-centric. This includes real-time tracking and tracing, automated scheduling, and improved delivery routing.
  3. Growing environmental awareness: There is a growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly delivery services, which includes the use of electric vehicles and bicycles for urban deliveries.
  4. Increased competition: As the market for same-day delivery services continues to grow, competition is becoming more intense. This has led to price wars and the emergence of new players in the market.
  5. Focus on customer experience: Same-day courier services are increasingly focusing on providing a high level of customer experience. This includes providing real-time updates on delivery status, flexible delivery options, and a range of value-added services.

It is hard for us here at Absolutely to argue with ChatGP’s view on these trends.  However, we would also have to add that the trend to WFH or adopting a hybrid approach has had a major impact on the Sameday courier market demand in London, which has only been exacerbated by the various transport strikes and associated disruption.

We also asked ChatGPT a second question focused on customer expectations.

Question 2 - What do London business customers expect from a London courier service?

  1. Reliability: Business customers expect courier services to be reliable and consistent in delivering their goods on time, every time. This includes providing real-time updates on delivery status and being transparent about any delays or issues.
  2. Flexibility: Business customers expect courier services to be flexible and able to accommodate their specific delivery requirements. This may include offering customized delivery options, such as specific delivery times or locations.
  3. Speed: In a fast-paced business environment, speed is often a top priority for customers. Business customers expect courier services to provide fast and efficient same-day or next-day delivery options.
  4. Professionalism: Business customers expect courier services to be professional and presentable, with well-maintained vehicles and uniformed drivers. Couriers should also be knowledgeable about the goods they are delivering and able to provide a high level of customer service.
  5. Competitive pricing: Business customers are often price-sensitive and expect courier services to offer competitive pricing. However, they also expect transparency in pricing and no hidden fees or charges.

If we had asked our customers this question 10 or 20 years ago I am sure the answer would still have been very much the same. However, the major difference between then and now is the importance of environmental concerns. Reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, and generally underpinning all business operations with an eye on sustainability.

Here at Absolutely the challenges we all face are clear while improving the overall customer experience must remain a primary aim for all Sameday courier operators. It remains to be seen just how much AI can be harnessed to the mutual benefit of customers, colleagues, riders, and drivers in the future.

In the meantime, we will stick to delivering on our mission; being The London Courier.