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How will Brexit Affect International Courier Services?

International courier services are the backbone of many businesses in the UK; they need this kind of courier service in order to function. But changes are afoot that are making businesses who deal with international trade rather nervous.

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, the fact that, on 29th March, Brexit is going to be happening (unless in the meantime any different arrangements are made), and we’re still not entirely sure what kind of deal will be made, or if there is a deal at all.

For many people, Brexit is an abstract thing; it’s something that may or may not affect them, but until it actually happens and they feel the effects (or otherwise), it’s just something rumbling along in the background. For the general public, Brexit is a strange and unusual beast, but that’s all.

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For business owners in the UK Brexit means something completely different. The uncertainty surrounding it means that sales are potentially fluctuating, and when it comes to importing and exporting, ideas about taxes, tariffs, and trade agreements are confusing everyone and everything.

And when it comes to international courier services, Brexit is an important consideration indeed.

Deliveries To Europe

No matter what happens – whether we leave with no deal, a good deal, or we don’t leave at all – the likelihood is that international courier services won’t be negatively impacted. Crucial deliveries to Europe should be able to continue. They may take longer due to additional border checks, and there may be a lot more paperwork to fill out, but the main thing is deliveries will still go ahead no matter whether we’re in the EU or not.

That’s not to say that businesses will have it easy if they import or export to the EU. More extensive border controls, different VAT rates and taxes, and tighter controls will potentially make the process a more arduous one. But that’s what we’re here for; at Absolutely we already make import and export easier for our customers, and we will continue to do so even when Brexit happens.

Slower Delivery Times

Something that, despite everyone’s best efforts, is clearly going to be affected is delivery times into and out of the EU. Regarding everything mentioned above, this is going to slow things down. We will continue to do our very best, delivering everything on time, but it will be down to businesses to determine what that time really is.

How many extra days will a delivery need? This is an important consideration, especially if what is being shipped is perishable, or meant for a specific date.

If you run a business that offers international courier services, Brexit will mean you need to re-look at your operations and determine what you can and can’t offer. It doesn’t mean you have to stop altogether; you will simply need to reassess what is still a viable business idea.

You might also want to see if there is any potential growth in the domestic market; you can still use Absolutely as your reliable courier, and still offer fantastic services, whether you are working at home, or overseas.

The Perception

More than anything, it will be the idea of Brexit and what it will do that will cause more harm than Brexit itself. If it does eventually happen, the fallout is sure to be less worrisome than the anxiety leading up to it. Therefore, it you intend to continue using international courier services for your business and you intend to send and receive items from the EU, you will need to reassure your customers that you will still be trading, and you can still help them, just as we can still help you.

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