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What Does Brexit Mean for a Courier Company?

Brexit and the courier company

Brexit – it’s everywhere, whether we want it to be or not. And to be fair, that’s a good thing. We need to talk about it; it’s going to affect everyone in one way or another, some for the better, some for the worse. So having Brexit talks on every corner, seeing it in the news, learning as much as possible about it so that we can really have a good discussion and – perhaps most importantly – find out how it’s going to affect us, can never be bad.

At Absolutely, we are dedicated to ensuring that Brexit (in whatever shape or form it may eventually take) doesn’t impact the way we are able to service our customers. And managing director Jeremy Thompson doesn’t think it’s going to make much difference to how we work in the courier industry in the end – he’s optimistic that all will be well, and it makes sense; goods will still need to be sent elsewhere, whether we are part of the EU or not. If it’s not EU countries we’re importing and exporting to, it will be others. Plus domestic deliveries won’t be affected at all.

The Consequences of Brexit for Couriers

Brexit for a courier companySo why is it that some people – and some courier companies – feel that Brexit is going to make such an impact on the delivery sector? It’s all down to international deliveries, and specifically those items being sent to Europe. At the moment, our drivers can visit Europe unhindered, deliver the items in their care, and return home again – there are no barriers to them doing this, and their progress can be swift.

Once Brexit happens, this, many feel, will no longer be the case. Getting into Europe from the UK will possibly be a more difficult proposition, and that means deliveries by a courier company take longer. The thing is, we just don’t know yet, which means worrying about the consequences is not going to do any good. If it does take longer to transport items to the EU, this will already be known by those sending and receiving, and will be factored into their costs; and the same goes for courier companies. Our state of the art chilled vans, for example, will be more than capable of keeping all goods fresh and safe if there is a delay at the border; we’re prepared for the eventuality well ahead of time.

What Are The Concerns For A Courier Company?

In some cases, clients are already expressing their concerns regarding Brexit. They may have spoken to their usually courier company to find out what exactly is going to happen. Will prices go up? Will deliveries take longer? Will they even take place at all?

That’s only natural because Brexit is such an unknown quantity. There will inevitably be concerns from those working with a courier company. But there will be the same concerns in all sectors towards all sectors until everything is a lot clearer. So it’s this uncertainty that is not something that is unique to us; it’s everywhere. At Absolutely our job is to reassure our customers that all will be well and as far as we can tell, it will be. There might be a few bumps in the road as we get started, but it’s never going to be a permanent issue; if we’re good at anything in the UK, it’s picking ourselves up and starting again when we need to.

What Is To Be Done for Courier Companies?

Brexit for a courier companyIn reality, Brexit is such an unknown quantity that whatever is done with regards to it will be a game of guesswork – to some extent. For those companies that haven’t been researching what the impact of Brexit could really be, those guesses might fall wide of the mark. For others, including courier company Absolutely, who have been anticipating this change for many months – even years – it is possible to ‘guess’ with much more accuracy.

Absolutely won’t be changing the fundamental ethos of its business, and won’t be panicking.

What a smart courier company should (and will) do is to consult its clients. It needs to discover what those fears are. Customers need to feel they are able to come to their courier company and get help and advice, and perhaps even come up with a new way of doing things. That might be a new, different fleet of vehicles, for example, such as our superb chilled fleet. An older fleet may not be able to handle the waiting around that could be part of the post-Brexit world. Or perhaps new tracking systems that can build in alternative options, or additional storage facilities in case delays are longer than expected.

The point is, a good delivery firm will take this opportunity to talk with its clients. Everyone can learn something from this strange time, and, knowing our industry, it will only push us to get stronger and more invested in what we do.

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