International Special Express Services

Absolutely’s International Special Express Service is designed specifically for delivering unusual or difficult freight across the globe – while negotiating through the often Byzantine local customs controls and regulations on the way. We provide specialists teams to help you plan your delivery and navigate through the forms and documentation required.

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Elephants, zebras and a T-Rex

At Absolutely we’ve worked in all kinds of sectors and dealt with many tricky situations. So it’s become second nature to handle unusual shipments. Dealing with the wild and quirky, has allowed us to provide bespoke solutions that can fit any requirement.

An elephant to Los Angeles, an exhibition stand overnight to Cannes or key factory parts to the other side of the world, our International Special Express Service is more than capable of handling any large item or difficult freight.

Masters of our craft

Sending a shipment across borders can be as mind-boggling as it sounds. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience with international shipping to help you with any issue that might crop up. We can provide specialist knowledge on imports by helping you comply with key regulations and taking care of important paperwork to get through customs. As part of our International Special Express Service we’ll take the necessary steps to make sure your items are fully insured and should you need to make a claim, we will handle everything, keeping you fully updated along the way.

If you’re looking to export your shipment, we work with all the major international carriers to provide the most cost-effective service. We have no hidden surcharges, and our experienced team offers full confidence that your shipment will get to its destination on time and in perfect condition.

More power to you

We know there are times where you want total control of your delivery – when it just has to be there or there is a very special need. In these cases, we offer a direct-drive service to major European cities. Giving you a bespoke option where you can select the delivery vehicle, pick-up and delivery times and even the preferred route too. We will use dedicated vehicles for your delivery, which guarantees your shipments will be delivered when required giving you complete peace of mind.

Our friendly international ‘specials team’ will provide end-to-end support managing your shipment from collection to delivery. We will be with you every step of the way, and if you require any further information, please call 020 7685 1400 or email

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    We are a handling agent, working with all the major international carriers. As well as providing our customers with personalised updates and guidance on custom procedures, we also negotiate regularly with our partners to ensure we get value for money for our clients which could never be achieved if you go direct.


    You can book using our online booking platform or by calling 020 7685 1400 and selecting the option to speak to our international team.


    Absolutely, not a problem. All shipments are traceable via our online platform and you will automatically receive confirmation and proof of delivery emails to keep you in the loop.


    Absolutely! Give us a call on 020 7685 1400 and we will discuss your options with you.


    Give us a call on 020 7685 1400 and we can discuss the options available for your particular delivery.


    We have several options to assist with packing, from a laptop to a painting. Call us for a quote on 020 7685 1400 on expert packing for your fragile items.

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