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How to Send Important Documents Abroad

Need to send important documents abroad? Despite emails and electronic signatures, we still regularly deliver urgent documents wherever they are required. Many people still need to send important documents abroad – hardcopy documents such as commercial contracts, deeds of sale, and legalised or notarised forms of identification are still required for many transactions. We can deliver to or collect documents from many hundreds of global locations at a reasonable cost.

What Can Be Sent?

map-3656375_960_720Examples of documents that will still need to be sent via a courier, which remains the most reliable method of delivery, include:

Divorce papers, Trust declarations, Stock declarations, Commercial Contracts, Partnership agreements, Wedding and Birth Certificates, Tax Returns

Legal papers are by far the most common type of document we courier abroad, but it doesn’t stop there. If you need to send money (either cash or a cheque), important family photos, a special invitation, or anything else that simply must arrive by a certain date and in perfect condition, an international courier is the best option.

A customs declaration will be required so we recommend sending urgent documents separate from any other objects which may have a higher value or be judged a risk (avoid sending perfumes which are treated as a fire hazard and will not be carried by airlines). If your documents are highly time-sensitive or valuable we can arrange for an on-board courier to personally convey them to their destination.

How To Send Your Important Documents Abroad

important documents abroad

The very first step when sending your documents abroad is to package them correctly and robustly. Unlike larger items, you won’t need a box as an envelope will suffice.

However, in order to ensure the protection of your documents, it’s best to use a hard backed envelope or a strong jiffy bag – they are available at most Post Offices newsagents, stationery shops, and of course online.

Make sure the envelope fits your document comfortably, and measure the envelope size as we will need the dimensions when you book your consignment collection and delivery.

Once you have an account set up with us you can enter the details in our easy to use online booking system and choose the right service for you. You will be able to print out the shipping label which should be securely attached to your envelope. Absolutely will then arrange to collect your envelope and deliver it to the desired destination.

We can take credit card bookings, so if you require this international courier service contact us directly to make all the necessary arrangements.

We understand that you might be nervous about sending your important documents abroad. It’s only natural. After all, it’s a long way to go, and those papers may be very valuable, whether that’s in terms of monetary value or simply what they represent. Be assured that we will always handle your important documents with care, ensuring they are delivered where they need to go in plenty of time and we can offer tailored insurance where required.

We are ready and waiting to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding sending documents abroad. Call us on 020 7685 1114, contact us on Live Chat or visit our international courier services page on our website.

Check out our international services page for the latest international delivery information.

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