How to Send Important Documents Abroad

Couriers don’t just send parcels; they can just as easily and efficiently send important documents as well. And not only can they collect and deliver these important documents in the UK, but they (and Absolutely is included in this) can do so abroad as well. So no matter what you need to deliver or where it needs to go, Absolutely is the courier company you need.


What Can Be Sent?

Actual physical documents, to some, seem like something out of the last century (or at least the last decade). With technology giving us the ability to e-sign online documents and email scanned copies of papers to one another, is there really a need for tangible documents to be sent abroad?

The truth is that yes, there is still a need. We see it every day. Sending important documents abroad is something that many people and firms still need to take care of, and we’re here to help with exactly that.

Examples of documents that will still need to be sent via a courier (which, of course, is far more reliable and responsible than simply popping them into the post) include:

  • Divorce papers
  • Trust declarations
  • Stock declarations
  • Contracts
  • Partnership agreements

Legal papers are by far the most common type of document we courier abroad, but it doesn’t stop there. If you want to send money (either cash or a cheque), important family photos, a special invitation, or anything else that simply must arrive by a certain date and in perfect condition, an international courier is the best option.

important documents abroad

How To Send Your Important Documents Abroad

The very first step when sending your documents abroad is to package them correctly. Unlike larger items, you won’t need a box (unless you really want to use one) and an envelope will suffice. However, in order to ensure the protection of your documents, it’s best to use a hard backed envelope if possible – they’re available at Post Offices, stationery shops, and (as with pretty much anything these days) online. Make sure the envelope fits your documents properly, and measure the envelope; we’ll need the dimensions when you come to book your collection and delivery with us.

Next, assuming you’ve chosen Absolutely to deliver your important documents abroad for you, enter the details into our easy to use online booking system and choose the right service for you. Print the shipping label and make sure it is securely attached to your envelope. Absolutely will collect your envelope and deliver it to wherever it needs to go.

Send Your Important Documents Abroad With Absolutely

We understand that you might be nervous about sending your important documents abroad. It’s only natural. After all, it’s a long way to go, and those papers are worth a lot, whether that’s in terms of monetary value or simply what they represent. At Absolutely we will handle your important documents with care, ensuring they are delivered where they need to go in plenty of time. For more information, get in touch today on 020 7685 1114 or visit

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