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Fragile Overnight Service

Absolutely offers its Fragile Overnight Service to provide that extra care and attention

For those fragile and delicate items, Absolutely offers a Fragile Overnight Service to provide that extra care and attention during transportation and delivery. The service is designed to take that extra care required for fragile items. However, fragile items should always be wrapped and protected appropriately before carriage.

fragile overnight services

We take extra care

We go that extra mile when it comes to taking care of your fragile deliveries. As part of our fragile overnight service, all items are hand sorted. This includes segregating fragile shipments into isolated cages so they’re kept apart from other items in a secure area.

Items are clearly identified as ‘fragile’ throughout the process. This ensures that everyone involved in transportation and delivery of the items is well-aware of their fragile and delicate nature. Rest assured that we are all working hard to deliver your shipment as safely and as quickly as possible.

We cannot carry any form of liquids in our fragile overnight service to guarantee the safety of all consignments. However, we do provide a dedicated Liquid Overnight Service which can specifically handle a range of liquid items.

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Our other overnight courier services

Perfect for items that are not ultra time-sensitive

All items pass through a fully monitored and dedicated sorting system

Fragile Overnight Courier Service

To provide that extra care and attention for those delicate items

For the safe and secure shipment of liquids


Why is your overnight delivery service different from the large operators?

The APC network is unique in its approach and is not just set up to take standard parcels like many other overnight couriers. Our operation is more robust and has the ability to carry items such as wine and spirits, perishables and glass (to name just a few), all with a more flexible timed delivery offering.

Why an overnight delivery?

Overnight deliveries (people call them next day deliveries too) are designed for items that are not as time sensitive and/or are travelling too far or would be too expensive to send on a sameday delivery service.

Who do you use for overnight deliveries?

We are a leading member of the APC Overnight Network which is the UK’s largest independent delivery network, with more than 115 depots nationwide.

What if I'm not in?

If we arrive and no one’s in, we will leave a ‘sorry we missed you’ card with details so you can rearrange delivery. When you book, you can also advise us if you’d like us to leave your item in a safe place if no one is around to receive it. Should you supply these details we will leave your item in the requested ‘safe place’ and take a photo for you to see online.

Do you tell people when to expect their delivery?

Yes. All our depots use route optimisation technology to offer customers more convenience by texting or emailing the predicted time window for delivery to the recipient.

Can I track my overnight delivery?

Absolutely. All overnight deliveries offer a full audit trail to our customers. You can track your delivery using our online system, and will receive proof of delivery email or text alerts.