How London Couriers On Bikes Are Saving The Environment

London couriers on bikes are perfect for delivering items in the most sustainable wayEveryone wants to be more environmentally friendly, and we are all beginning to be a lot more conscious of our impact on the world around us. When it’s time to send a parcel or document, you might feel that sending out a car or van is a needless thing to do, but what other options are there? At Absolutely our London couriers on bikes are the answer; we can pollute a lot less and still deliver your important items on time every time. Here’s how it works.

London Couriers On Bikes In The Traffic

London is full of traffic. It makes even the shortest of journeys into much longer ones, and when that happens, when vehicles are sitting stationary in the streets, they are polluting the air around them. It’s no wonder that London’s air is sometimes at unsafe levels.

A bike won’t cause this kind of pollution. It won’t sit idling, letting off fumes into the atmosphere. Plus, since it is a bike and therefore small and able to fit through gaps that cars and certainly vans cannot, it will still get your parcels to the right place quickly and simply. In fact, in London a bike can sometimes be faster than a motorised vehicle, depending on the length of the journey and the traffic along the route.

Many Small Packages

dsc_4190Although it’s true that London couriers on bikes can’t entirely replace vans just yet – furniture, for example, couldn’t be delivered via bike courier, and neither could plenty of other large items – it is also true that bikes can be ideal for lots of small drops which would be environmentally negative for a van.


One van taking one longer journey is less of a problem than one van making lots of smaller journeys and stopping frequently along the route as it would do when delivering documents or small parcels. London couriers on bikes can take on that role, delivering the smaller parcels and the important documents, stopping frequently and doing shorter journeys, and it won’t harm the environment at all. As well as this, if the bikes are taking on these shorter jobs then the vans are freed up for the larger ones which are less of a problem for the environment. It’s a win-win.

Use London Couriers On Bikes With Absolutely

To become more environmentally friendly yourself, why not book one of Absolutely’s London couriers on bikes for your important same day delivery requirements? It’s simple to do – just go to Sameday Courier Services for more information, or phone 020 7685 1114 to speak to one of our friendly advisers.

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